Friday, 2 August 2013

Kendal's Column: Summer update ft. Lifescouts #7

The summer holidays have finally arrived and I, for one, cannot be happier.
I have a few things I need to do this summer including getting ahead of blogging and catching up on reading (I'm 15 books behind on my goodreads challenge *THE SHAME*) which will also mean more book reviews (find my summer reading list below). I have also recently bought a kindle paperwhite, which is either going to make me read loads or make me buy the books and never read them.
There are also quite a few film releases that are happening in August including Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters (August 7th) and The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones (August 21st) so I'll probably do posts on those as well. 
I forewarn you that I am on holiday on Friday August 30th so I don't know if there'll be a post that day (depends on if I can schedule enough posts to last until then/ if i can get wifi to write a post if I don't have one already scheduled) 

Lifescouts #7
Lifescouts have officially stopped releasing new badges for this year so the number of badges included in a Kendal's Lifescout badges post will be going down considerably so that i have enough badges to post about. This post will only include one as this post is to do with summer updates.

I am a rollercoaster junkie. You take me to a theme park and i swear i will go on every single one regardless of loops, upside down bits, water, scariness or if i've just eaten.
(kind of like the ride
i'm talking about)
I was 11 and went to butlins park during a horse-riding holiday and I got on one of those rides thats like an arm that rotates on an axle so when you are at the highest point you're upside down. They had a height restriction and ,being 11, I was ONLY JUST tall enough. When we sat down on the ride there was a button that you were sat on when you rode and someone told me that if you weren't pushing down the button then
the harness would come up. The ride starts and goes upside down and , because of gravity, am leaning on the harness and I come off the button because my upper body is so small so there i am 60ft above the ground looking at the tarmac and thinking 'this is how i am going to die- on a ride with a teddy bear painted on the side, the harness is going to come up because I'm not on the damn button. this is it'
It was the longest 90 seconds of my life and the only ride I was actually terrified on. Needless to say, the arm didn't come up and i realised later that it couldn't have because of the backup seatbelt buckle that held the harness down- so to the person who told me that: *angry glare*

And finally, instead of just one track, I figured I'd make a summer playlist as I normally listen to COMPLETELY different music during summer than I do at any other time of year.  i'll also be adding to this playlist over the course of summer (link will be incuded in every post up to the 6th September post)

Summer Reading list:
(note: list is open to change)
My sisters Keeper-Jodi Picoult (currently reading)
Selection-Kiera Cass
Eleanor and Park- Rainbow Rowell (recommended to me by Keris Stainton -@keris)
Maze Runner Trilogy- James Dashner
Au Revoir Crazy European Chick- Joe Schreiber
The 5th Wave- Rick Yancey
About a boy- Nick Hornby (for school)

Happy Friday!

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