Monday, 12 August 2013

Review: The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

Okay, I had pretty low expectations for this one since the first two didn't impress me at all. And for a reader, that's a really depressing thing to admit. I gave this book three out of five stars because it was conducted much better than the second, but did not grip me as much as the first. My other ratings and reviews for the rest of the trilogy prove my findings.


If you haven't read this book yet, it's okay to keep reading the review. In fact, I would like very much to put you out of your misery. Being completely honest with you, there isn't much to tell. The book starts with the teens settling in Andrew's house after their week on the run, and finishes with them going on the run again. In between this, the love triangle starts to straighten itself out and becomes a rather anti-climatic love story. Nothing really happens and there seemed to be confusion on how Derek really felt, because at the start of the trilogy Armstrong stressed enough times that this werewolf couldn't feel emotion like everyone else. But apparently she got her own character wrong and he ended up being the most sentient one of the lot. Of course, I'm not bashing Derek, because quite frankly he was the only reason I kept willingly turning the pages.

Real spoiler now: it was plainly obvious to see that Andrew was one of the bad guys. Margaret was dodgy from the start and Russell didn't have much of an appearance in the whole book yet the other characters were really scared of him. His lack of presence in the novel didn't allow the readers to fully appreciate the fear he struck into everyone. The adult characters, overall, were weak. Aunt Lauren's motives still baffle me even after completing the book.

I really wanted to praise this book today, because I got to the last 50 or so pages and the story really picked up. As someone who was quite pessimistic about the whole series, it was refreshing to see more action and pure terror in the book. I had a lovely review planned for that, but then the last two pages completely spoilt the mood. I understand that Chloe and Derek are together now, but Armstrong did not have to waste her last thousand words on a poorly depicted love scene between the two. It was an anticlimactic ending to what started out as a climatic ending for the trilogy.

At the end of the book, Simon's dad was found. Thank goodness for that. I had only waited 900 pages for their very first objective to finally pan out. And then they all decided they had to lay low and so went on the run again... Which is literally all I had been reading for the past week of my life. 

Can I just point out the fact that we never got any closure in this book? A few pages ago, Chloe was being told that Simon and Tori were related. That's a pretty big deal. Will Tori ever find out? Do the gang flee to safety? Do they all die in the end? Did they find Rae? A minute ago they were all desperate to find Rae and that never happened. I don't like being left in the lurch in real life and I hate it in books. There was no closure at all and there were too many loose strings in the plot that should have been tied together by the end. YOU HAD THREE WHOLE BOOKS TO DO IT IN! 

Rant over. Trilogy read. Case closed.

Unless you're willing to give this trilogy a good go and you have the patient of a saint, I wouldn't recommend reading this series. Do something better with your time. I hate giving bad reviews but the truth had to be given out. I wasn't impressed with the plot structure overall.

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  1. I actually really liked these series and i have read them many times............
    i LOVE the book!!!!!!!!!
    I recommend anybody to read these series!!!

    1. You're definitely entitled to your own opinion and I'm glad you had a better experience with it than I did! I just didn't like the series overall.


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