Friday, 6 September 2013

Kendal's Column: Keep looking forward

School has started.
As I have said before, this year is going to be a big year for my education as it's my GCSE year and with all the exams there's going to be a lot of stress and anxiety.
It's the same for all teenagers in England when they reach 16 and, I think the majority will agree, it's horrible.
However, I have had to cope with exam stress before as I was put forward for some exams early so Fortunately, I found a way to manage my stress. I look forward to things.
This might not work for everybody but I find that looking past the problem of the present towards something happier/more enjoyable in the future gives me the strength to carry on and get through it.
Imagine a tightrope walker. If they look down at where they are then their more likely to lose their balance and fall but if they keep their head up and look forward to where they are going to be then they'll keep their balance and make it to the end (best metaphor I can think of).
At the moment i'm looking forward to 3 concerts (one of which is with The Book Critic) which all happen before the end of November so if ever i feel stressed i will think about those concerts and start internally screaming with excitement and that'll get me through the stress. Your 'something-to-look-forward-to' doesn't have to be a concert though, it can be an event as big as you like, it can be seeing your friends at the weekend, your favorite band's new album coming out, a birthday or even leaving school, as long as you are excited for it then that can be your 'something-to-look-forward-to'. 
Once the moment your looking forward to comes create/find another and another and another because they're all there. Life is full of moments to look forward to that will be so much bigger and better and will mean so much more to you than the present stress.

Happy Friday!

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