Friday, 13 September 2013

Kendal's Column: So Tired

I am one week into my last grilling 8 months of high school and I am already so tired I think I genuinely hallucinated today (I rubbed my eyes and then opened them and saw what I thought were flies everywhere)- this can't be good.
'Get more sleep' you cry.
I would however, I only have one day a week of which I could possibly take a nap/go to bed early on because of other commitments both in and out of school (eg. homework, part time jobs, clubs, hobbies etc) and even then there is the other problem that I am a night owl.
You will have seen that Kendal's Column often doesn't go up until 11pm and thats because I'm more comfortable doing work in the evening because I like to get my big fluffy jumper on and a mug of hot chocolate and do homework/blog- it's just how my brain works.
I have tried doing work earlier and discovered that a) there wasn't enough time to to do enough work justify the time it took to get setup (if that makes any sense) and b) when i have finished work early and i can get into bed early I won't be able to sleep- I'll have been tired all day but as soon as I'm ready for bed my mind starts racing (WHY?) and that results in me falling asleep even later.
Pair this problem with having to get up at 7am to catch a bus to school and I'm lucky to get 7 hours sleep a night (compared to the recommended 9, for a teenager).
Teenage Night Owl-age can be backed up by science. It's knowledge that's been floating around the internet recently that teenagers have a different natural sleeping pattern than adults and children

'One important change that occurs at night time is increased levels of the 'darkness hormone' melatonin, which helps us to fall asleep. Most adults start to produce melatonin at about 10pm. When teenagers were studied in a sleep laboratory, researchers discovered that they only began to produce the hormone at 1am.' -

Happy Friday(13th!)!

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