Saturday, 7 September 2013

Saturday: Celebrations and new beginnings

Hey! I thought I would update you on my life at the moment - I have just started sixth form at my high school and I have taken four subjects to do a-levels in:

  1. English Literature (obviously, because of all the reading I get to do!)
  2. History (More reading and great teachers!)
  3. Philosophy and Ethics (Again, more reading and a lot of thinking)
  4. French (reading French books!)

In other news I got my GCSE results a couple of weeks back, and I have spent the last week or so trying to figure them out and also figure my life out. These were my results:

English Literature: A*
English Language: A*
RE: A (2 marks off an A*)
Geography: A (4 marks off an A*)
French: A
History: B 
Maths: B
Music: B (one mark off an A!)
Core Science: B
Additional Science: C (oops!)

Being the weirdo that I am, I ideally wanted all A*'s and A's. But reality check... I am not good at everything. 

There are some people in my school who pretty much got all A*'s, but everyone has their own home and personal circumstances that meant they either did better or worse. Some people have pushy parents (mine are not pushy in the slightest, they encourage me to do my best but only want me to be happy) and other people just can't stretch to being perfect in everything. It's normal not to be great at everything.

For my reward, my parents didn't know what to get me. I had a lot of money spent on me during the holidays, so I wasn't prepared to ask for any more. However, my mum knows me well and took me to a bookstore to pick something that is more valuable to me than any amount of cash... books!

Instagram Update:

This is the book I finally settled on for my gift! I got the most beautiful volume of Death Note (which I have been so excited to buy) and the envelope contains a gift voucher for a popular book store in England. 

It was emotionally hard for me doing those GCSE's and after two years I was just glad to finally have a fresh start. It's not that they're ridiculously hard (depends what you take in my opinion) but I had to do module exams which meant I had exams every few months, and if I re-sat any then they would be when the next lot of exams were and I was constantly catching up. 

I'm not going to lie to you. I felt stressed, I couldn't cope at some points (and this is coming from a dedicated student) and felt a depression that no teenager should have to feel. But hopefully all those that are doing GCSE's soon will just have them at the end month of each year. You will be fine as long as you go and ask for help when you don't understand something! 

That's all for now. I will probably do a book and stationary haul next week seeing as I need a ton of stuff for school. 

Have a good saturday!
The Book Critic x 

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