Monday, 30 December 2013

Kendal's Column: On the fifth day of Christmas...

Book Review- Jess Jordan:Flirting for England by Sue Limb
Flirting for England is the opening book to a saga of embarrassment, laughter and tales of adolescent romance. The series follows Jess Jordan a 'barely 15' year old girl as she stumbles (sometimes literally through high school.

Rating: Friday
Jess Jordan is barely 15. Fred is her often-aggravating best guy friend; her father is a lonely bachelor; Flora is her gorgeous best friend, a constant liability; and Ben Jones is barely a twinkle in her eye. Into this innocent scene are dropped 30 or so helpless French exchange students. Jess and her mother are assigned to house Eduoard, a shy, awkward, and painfully English-deprived boy Jess’s age. To counter what Jess fears is Eduoard’s growing crush on her, Jess convinces her friend Fred to pose as her boyfriend, but he refuses to take their fake relationship seriously. Add a gorgeous, womanizing French student, an ill-fated camping trip in a student’s backyard, and Flora just being, well, Flora, and you have all the makings of an international incident. Will Jess be able to keep the peace, or even translate the whole debacle to the confused French students? The future of England is on the line. . . .

I first came to discover this series when I was around 13 and have loved every word on the page. This series is lighthearted and fun and it is a book that enables you to sit back and laugh at life and the silly things that just...happen. 
The writing itself is as if it was actually made by a 15 year old- as in, it is taken from the exact viewpoint of a 15 year old girl- and ,the best part is, it isn't a book that's trying to hard to be 15 by abusing 'LOL' and 'OMG'.
Moreover, the book isn't unrealistic.  I can actually imagine most of the things in this book happening at my school.
Overall, I have to say this book is a great pick-me-up and i'd recommend it too anyone who's looking for a lighthearted, easy read.

Happy Christmas!

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