Thursday, 26 December 2013

Kendal's column: On the second day of christmas....

Hello! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas day and have had a thoroughly relaxing boxing day.

Today, we are going to look back on the events of last night. specifically those that occured last night on bbc one at 7:30pm, that's right- doctor who.

*THIS POST WILL CONTAIN MINOR SPOILERS (srsly i'm trying not to spoil things for people whilst still actually reviewing)*

Rating: Thursday

The Christmas special marked the end of an era for the 11th doctor and paved the way for the regeneration from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi. Some fans regarded this regeneration as puzzling as the doctor has mentioned that the time lord species may only regenerate 12 times (11 faces+war doctor+10's 'same-face' regeneration=12) yet the regeneration still occurred, remarkably without breaking the timelord's previous statement (i can't/won't say anymore bc spoilers)

I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, it had everything doctor who stands for-daleks, explosions, questions answered and even more complex questions asked and i love that about doctor who.
so why only a thursday?

a small part of me feels that the 11th's hour should have ended with more emotion and more developement of the plot as it seemed to jump from even to event without a pause on the 'oh my that's that and thats why that happened before, and OH that who they are' and there is one scene that i really really wish that moffat had gone to town with- full heartbreaking meltdown for the audience- but he didn't and there was potential for a major 'hold-your-breath-moment' but it didn't happen

Nevertheless, the christmas special was amazing and the regeneration, like really fast. and it resulted in two lines from our new doctor and fro  those two lines, I can say that I have strong hope that this doctor is going to be good (I dare not say more/less of him as of yet)

Happy Christmas!

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