Sunday, 5 January 2014

Kendal's Column: On the eleventh day of christmas...

On my to read shelf for 2014.

5th wave- Rick Yancey. 
i swear i've mentioned this book before in another post but all i know is that it's been on my bookshelf for what seems like forever and i haven't read it yet. I have heard so many fabulous things about this book.
From the blurb, the book seems to be about some kind of post-apocalyptic world after some kind of alien invasion. I feel this could be the start of a sci-fi phase...once i actually read it.

Entangled- Cat clarke
This book is about Grace, a seventeen year old girl, who wakes up in a room with a table a pen and some paper. she doesn't know how she got there so she just starts writing. she 'pours her tangled life out onto the page' in an attempt to remember or figure out why she's in this mysterious room.

Alliegiant- Veronica Roth
I was gifted this book for my birthday and wanted to read it as soon as i got it but, unfortunately, I had my mock exams. 'but,kendal , Mock exams ended in November, why havent you read it yet?' i hear you cry. Well, because some idiot on twitter posted the BIGGEST SPOILER EVER ON TWITTER *eye twitches in anger* (in her defense she did say 'spoiler alert' but she posted the spoiler as a screenshot and it was just after the twitter update where you get a preview box of the picture within the tweet) and since then i haven't been able to face the book BUT I WILL NOT BE BEATEN, this is to good a trilogy to skimp out on and this is the final book. in which tris faces 'her final choice' *dramatic chords*.

Incarnate-Jodie meadows 
I don't own this book (yet) and it's questionnable when i will be able to purchase it so i have no idea if i will even get to read it.
This book is about a world where souls are reincarnated, keeping old memories and experiences but Ana comes along and she's new.  she doesn't have any past memories or experiences- she's taken the place of another soul.

Happy Christmas!

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