Thursday, 2 January 2014

Kendal's Column: On the nineth day of christmas...

Disney's Frozen

In the kingdom of Arendelle, there are two sisters, Ana and Elsa. Elsa has been born with strange powers that give her the ability to manipulate and manifest ice. Elsa lives in fear of her powers and hides from her sister, whom she was once close with, and from the world by locking herself away in her room.
Then one day everything goes wrong.

Rating: Thursday
When I went in to see this film i admit i was skeptical as the trailers didn't make it that appealing to me as they focus on character introduction more than a plot setup which meant you're completely blind of what the film is about unless you've done some research online which i didn't because my viewing experience was fairly last minute.
However, the film turned out to be really good-great in fact- and ,as it always is with disney films, I still have the songs wedged into my brain. The trailer definitely isn't something to go off when seeing this film.
The film generally has a Tangled-esque feel to it with witty jokes, a perfect couple (I SHIP IT SO HARD) and with and additional unexpected villain.
The only thing that i would say could be improved with this film (apart from the unhelpful trailers) when Elsa was singing it didn't actually feel like it was her singing (I KNOW that it's not 'elsa's' voice...i know it's a voice actor but when Elsa was singing it didn't sound like a 21 year old- I'm not an expert on singing so don't ask me why it didn't but it just didn't seem to fit right) and there was one song that just set me and my friend off was either the most disney-est disney song ever or someone at disney is getting sarcastic (I'd favor the latter).
Never the less, the animation quality was breath taking, the characters showed development and there is a moment where you think 'wait, there is 10 minutes left and that just happened and it's too late to fix it so what now'.

Happy Christmas!

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