Friday, 24 January 2014

Kendal's Column: Spontaneous Disney Outburst

I, like anyone and everyone, have bad days. Days that you regret even opening your eyes for but, the one and only thing that never fails to give me a pick-me-up is Disney and it's the same for many many many people around the world.
Disney is of course a multi-billion dollar corporation with millions of employees and thousands of sectors and departments with theme parks that would make a 5 year old squeal and squee until the earth runs out of oxygen.
But, disney doesn't just attract 5 year somehow manages to attract almost every variety of person.
I haven't never met a single person who doesn't like Disney (and that's 16 years of people meeting).
so, how did they do it?


Now, more than ever before, disney has a wide variety of films.
They have princesses, cars (we're counting PIXAR as Disney), mermaids, pirates, toys, BUGS and FISH and heck, they even brought monsters into the mix.
(sidenote: imagine that story pitch in a disney boardroom 'Hey, i'm here to pitch an idea for a movie about monsters walking out of random closet doors their job being to scare small children.'...sorry it makes me giggle)

they have animal oriented films such as brother bear and real human people films, all with really catchy songs that can miraculously stay in your head for months.

I also feel that the disney computer animation department deserves ALL THE AWARDS because
a) Merida's hair
b) rapunzels dress movement

c) Elsa and her ice

Disney has also started being kind of sarcastic in some of there films and they've even started including some 'jokes' for adults ('foot size doesn't matter' my friend pointed that out to me) and i'm personally loving the sass.

(i'm so sorry, this post was (evidently) very spontaneous without any pan of any kind and it is a mess of gifs and fangirling, i'm just going to leave this here and i'll edit it at some point during the week *pinkie promise*)

Happy Friday!

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