Wednesday, 1 January 2014

POETRY WEDNESDAY: A work of art [original]

I was always looking for my soul mate,
Envisioning the perfect mould,
A human being with no flaws,
But lots of stories to be told

I knew I had found my soul mate,
When I realised that you were not
A completed painting or a blank canvas,
But something I appreciate a lot

If you were perfect then you would have no stories
And if you were flawless then there would be nothing to love,
But a clone of a figure I have seen in my dreams
And the wings of a broken dove

It is time to put my rose tinted glasses back in their case
And bandage up my heart
Because even with your flaws and imperfections
You are still a work of art

Important notice: This isn't my picture but my poem is my own work and I would really appreciate it if you didn't steal it or use it to form a piece of similar poetry. I work really hard on all of my poems and I will stop sharing them if I see any copying of my original work. Thank you!

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