Monday, 20 January 2014

Review: Supernaturally by Kiersten White

"It's been six months since Evie fled the International Paranormal Containment Agency with her shapeshifter boyfriend, Lend, and she finally has the normal life she's always dreamed of. But when her faerie ex-boyfriend shows up hinting of a battle brewing between the faerie courts over Evie herself, she realises that she hasn't left her not-so-normal past far enough behind..."

Supernatually is the sequal of Paranormalcy, when Evie has finally escaped from the IPCA. She thinks that her life will be different, but her past comes to haunt her. 

If you have read the first book then you will know that Vivian becomes a very important character. In the last book, Evie ended up in hospital after almost dying trying to defeat her, but since they are 'sisters' (of the same paranormal status) they bond through dreams, since Vivian is now dead. She becomes a much more bearable character in the second novel, whilst Evie remains the same hilarious character. Lend, Evie's boyfriend whom she lives with after escaping the grasp of the IPCA, is a pleasant fellow, and he was paired nicely with Evie, since she needs someone to calm her down every once in a while.

Apart from it being narrated brilliantly again, I really wish I could sing its praises. The first book was so darn good that this one just didn't match up to it in terms of action and... well... general plot direction. And I so wanted it to be good.

Jack, the moderately human character, was just... eh. That's all I've got in my notes for him. He wasn't interesting or particularly relevant, though he was good at annoying every single character in the book. I wasn't impressed with him.

I found it understandable yet completely predictable that Evie got out of the IPCA only to want to go back in halfway through the second novel. She literally spent the whole of the first book complaining about it and the whole second book craving it again. I could totally see it coming and you could have fitted that whole plot into the first book. I kind of wish that had happened in the first place.

We do find out much more about the mysterious Evie, which I liked. For the book as a whole, however, I have to give it 3/5 cups of tea. I so wish I could give it more! I was rooting for these books to become my new favourite series. Ah well. You win some you lose some. I would still recommend it though, if you have the patience! 

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