Saturday, 4 January 2014

Saturday: 2013 Amazon book haul

There was a crazy day in 2013 when I decided to do an Amazon book haul and never told you about it. So here I am, looking backwards to 2013, and showing you what I bought!

Most of these were, admittedly, for educational purposes. In the picture below there is:
    [Left] Russia Through Women's Eyes - For the very first time in English, the words of 11 nineteenth century women from Russia have been printed. Eleven women share their stories about family, education, careers, and their country at the time. These are first hand accounts of the time of the Tsar, and it shows the side of the women, which is a rare occurrence. The book itself is a strange size - somewhere between A5 and A4 - but it is lovely to hold in your hands. 
[Middle] The Puzzle of God by Peter Vardy: Peter Vardy is an incredible modern philosopher, and from an unbiased point of view he ponders about the existence of God, or whether there really is one. I have read about half of it already, but it's not one that you need to read in order of each chapter. I use it for my philosophy studies after my philosophy teacher gave an older copy to me, and the pages were literally falling out, so I thought I had better buy my own!

[Right] Personhood Revisited by Howard W Jones: this is a medical ethics book that talks quite religiously about when the start of personhood begins and what various Popes have to say about it, and the IVF debate. The pages have the 'American feel' to them, and it is an interesting yet educational read so far.

I know I'm late on this one, but my philosophy teacher also mentioned that Life of Pi is very philosophical in the way that it is written, so she thought I should probably give it a go. I have read the first couple of chapters and it's mostly just narrative about Pi's early life, which leads up to the real story. I was rather slow reading those chapters because I am impatient and really wanted to story to begin. It still is an interesting read, though. Unfortunately I couldn't find the cover that isn't based on the movie!

Below Life of Pi are three more books that I bought on this massive Amazon haul. The first one resting near my violin is 'Never had it so good' by Dominic Sandbrook, and this is a 900 page MONSTER of a book that covers the historic British years of 1956-1963. I bought this, and 'White Heat' by the same author for history, and White Heat covers 1964-1970. 

The last book I bought was possibly my favourite of the haul. Think by Simon Blackburn is another philosophy book that is meant to be for degree level students, but I picked it up finding that it really helped me with my beginner's level philosophy. It tells you how to think instead of what to think, which is my favourite bit of all. For anyone with a high reading age that is studying philosophy, I encourage you to pick up this book!

That was my 2013 book haul, with a bit of my terrible photography thrown in! You can find some of these pictures on my Instagram - @BOOKFANGIRLINGBLOG.

I hope you have a good Saturday! I'm back in school on Monday, so for anyone who is in the same position as me... good luck!

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