Wednesday, 8 January 2014

SHORT STORY WEDNESDAY: The Wedding Day [original]

Today was my wedding day. Our chapel was on a hill just behind the coast, and there was still an hour to go before I had to walk down the aisle. I was ready.

My dress was sleeveless but tightly fitted around by body. The skirt went down to my feet and cut just above, so that I could walk in my flats. I never liked heels - I am tall enough. I went down to the beach with my spare hour in my hands and I walked across the large rocks that were lining the shore. Stepping over each one, feeling like I was floating on air.

I thought about the day we met. The click. It wasn't exactly love at first sight - I don't believe that's possible - but I swore I could hear the click.

Time passed as slowly as it arrived and at first we were just acquaintances. I thought that was all we were going to be, and I thought I could live with that. I was coping pretty well until I would look up from what I was doing and you would be staring, and we would both realise that we were holding our gaze for too long and look down in embarrassment. Still you said hardly anything to me each week. 

Then things started to change. You would remember some of the things that I'd talk about, even if they weren't important. You would look at me more and more, admiring me like a kid does the first time they see the moon through a telescope. It wasn't embarrassing any more. You would actually come and talk to me about my life, and actually listen. I had never had that before. I always used to stay out of your way in case I was annoying you, and I didn't want to keep trying for something that might not ever happen.

One day, we were alone, and you kissed me, and I realised that I probably should have tried a bit harder because the kiss would have come sooner, and we probably would have had the wedding over a month ago. You were my first and my last first kiss. We started sneaking out, planning trips and making it home for tea. I started to realise that the feeling of pure elation wasn't fading and we were just creating more amazing moments, and it wasn't becoming boring. 

I gave you an eternity ring first. I know its not traditional, but I wanted you to know that even if it never lasted you would be with me forever. You cried a bit and stared at the ring, as if you were looking into eternity. And you smiled because you liked it.

It was two years exactly since we got together and you got down on one knee. The box contained not only the most beautiful ring but a tiny chain to keep it around my neck, because we still couldn't tell anyone. I agreed and got you a ring on the same day so that we both had one. 

The ring stayed on the chain for a week until my friend saw it, and the secret was out. We proudly wore the rings on our fingers and used those same fingers to write wedding invitations for everyone we know and love.

And now the day was here, and I was still on the rocks, surprised that I hadn't slipped yet and happy because I didn't want my dress to get ruined. The silence was welcome, because my friends are loud and the silence reminds me of you. I waded in the rock pools, and walked along the sand, which is weird because I hate beaches, but this one was my favourite place in the world because it was my wedding day and you were in the chapel waiting for me and I had sandy feet and a ring to prove that somebody loves me.

Important notice: This is my own work and I would really appreciate it if you didn't steal it or use it to form a piece of similar writing. I work really hard on all of my stories and I will stop sharing them if I see any copying of my original work. Thank you!

Disclaimer: The gif/artwork is not mine! I take credit only for my story.

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