Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Return of Sherlock: SPOILER FREE

If you don't live in the UK, or didn't manage to find a livestream in time, then you will have missed the premier episode of Sherlock on BBC. Just for you, while you're waiting, I'm going to make a non-spoilery post for you about the episode that was called "The Empty Hearse". 

First of all, we aren't shown an empty hearse. I have seen a picture of one floating around Tumblr though, so I'm guessing that was just one of the fake scenes they shot for the fans. If so, they went to elaborate detail just for a prank.

Sherlock returns, and he says to John:

"Not dead!"

Yeah, we joked about it so many times and it became a real thing! Not to mention he steals someone's bowtie, draws a moustache on himself and speaks to John in a strong French accent.

The episode probably should have been called "everyone hates John's moustache" because that is a basic summary of the whole thing. 

Sherlock, being the crapbag he is, returns to Baker Street two years and tells John to shave the moustache off. John, being John, shaved the moustache for Sherlock when he wouldn't even shave it for Mary.

People have even started making these t-shirts, and here is a favourite of mine:

John, being John, had a few things to say and a few punches to throw.

WOAH JOHN! We all want to know how he did it. Go shave your moustache.

So we are given three versions of 'how he did it' during the entire episode. Two were by Anderson's club, and one by Sherlock himself. I won't bother telling you the plot, because that would ruin the whole thing for you. But my personal favourite bit was when Molly accompanied Sherlock on a case and:

Molly: Should I be making notes?
Sherlock: If it makes you feel better.
Molly: But it's just that John says that's what he does. So if I'm being John...
Sherlock: You're not being John, you're being yourself.

And her face went:

Because she realised that, for once in her life, Sherlock actually wanted to be with her. In fact, all of the Molly parts were my favourite. But I won't say anymore because of the huge spoilers.

By the end of the episode, many people - including myself - were literally Anderson:

So that's a quick summary of "The Empty Hearse". I didn't want to include too much, even though I could talk about it forever. Have a nice day!

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