Wednesday, 19 February 2014

SHORT STORY WEDNESDAY: Hot Chocolate [original]

We were curled up on the sofa by the roaring fireplace in your house and we clutched our mugs. The steam was practically rolling off it - like a witches' cauldron - and I filled the mugs up too high so there was thick chocolate dripping down the sides, teasing our senses. I had four extra large marshmallows in mine, which were melting to create a thick layer of marshmallow goo on the top, which is my favourite kind of goo. You had whipped cream swirled around like an ice cream cone, and chocolate sprinkles with one single mini marshmallow on top. That pretty much describes our personalities. 

We drank whilst listening to the fire crackle and spit and we said nothing, communicating only through our eyes and the entwining of our feet through our fuzzy slipper socks. I dipped my nose in my chocolate by mistake and bobbed back up from the mug with a pink marshmallow blob, and you laughed and so did I and I used a napkin to wipe it off because I can't reach my nose with my tongue and you don't like marshmallow goo, which I completely understand and don't hold against you. 

Once we'd finished our hot chocolates, we put our mugs on the coffee table, which I've renamed the hot chocolate table because we both hate coffee. You laid down beside me on the sofa and we watched the fire dim together, with sleepy eyes and warm stomachs and love in our hearts. I made you promise to watch to fire until it went out completely because I have an irrational fear of the fire rising up again and burning the house down, and you promised because you completely understand and don't hold it against me. My eyes closed whilst I was in your arms and everything was okay. I woke up half an hour later still in your arms and the fire was out, and you were still asleep, and I realised that the only thing we hold against each other is ourselves.

Important notice: This is my own work and I would really appreciate it if you didn't steal it or use it to form a piece of similar writing. I work really hard on all of my stories and I will stop sharing them if I see any copying of my original work. Thank you!

Disclaimer: The gif/artwork is not mine! I take credit only for my story.

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