Saturday, 19 April 2014

Saturday: Book haul and what you've missed

A while ago I had a lovely day out with Kendal and we ended up in Waterstones for ages... only to come out of Waterstones and walk straight into WHSmiths. I only allowed myself to get a couple of books this time around so I picked two that I had heard of and wanted to read: Eleanor and Park, and The Shock of the Fall.

The first one I picked up was Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell because I had heard such good reviews and I loved the review from John Green on the front cover. As it was so highly recommended, I absolutely had to try it. I have already read it and a review will be going up soon, but you can see Kendal's HERE. We compared notes after reading it and we pretty much had the same thoughts, but you'll see soon anyway.

The second book I picked up, after searching the whole shop for it, was The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer. I have heard extremely good things and it has won the Costa Book of the Year in 2013, so I thought I would give it a go. I haven't read it just yet, but the cover looks interesting so once my exams are over that's the first fiction book getting read!  

Now for what you've missed! I got my tumblr back because I thought I was missing out on all of the fandom gossip, and I might be making another one since I felt super guilty for deleting the Stay Strong and Carry On tumblr. I felt like it had to be done at the time, and who knows, I might end up deleting it again, but I've only got a few weeks until my exams are over so I will have loads of time to give advice and write more. 

I've also had an idea for a book, and I'm not going to spoil anything yet because I haven't technically started writing it. This one feels a lot more planned out compared to the others and I'm hoping its not going to be too long in length, so I'm excited to start work on it. More details to come!

As I've said, I'm busy revising for exams right now because I do 5 A-Levels instead of 4 and this includes French, so I've got more than just some English words to learn! Once I've finished my exams, my main goal is to relax more and work harder on the things that make me happy, so expect more posting on the blog.

To anyone who is doing exams too, good luck!

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