Wednesday, 7 May 2014

POETRY WEDNESDAY: Bed sheets [original]

My bed sheets are my best friend
They are always there for me
They have held me while I've cried
They have kept me warm
I have shared my secrets with them and they have not told a soul
So is it any wonder
I spend so much time in bed
Because my bed sheets can keep quiet when I want them to be
And the real people in my life cannot
Or because my bed sheets can numb the pain for a while
Of the world that is trying to stab me through them
So my bed sheets are my best friend
And my armour
And my tranquillizer
And my drug.

Important notice: This is my own work and I would really appreciate it if you didn't steal it or use it to form a piece of similar poetry. I work really hard on all of my poems and I will stop sharing them if I see any copying of my original work. Thank you!

Disclaimer: The gif/artwork is not mine! I take credit only for my poem.


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