Friday, 8 August 2014

Kendal's Column: The Adventurer Returns

hey gang, i'm back from...erm showering? that takes four months, right?

okay i wasn't showering for four months, i was GCSE-ing it up but i'm done with high school forever (lets not talk about results day) and now it's summer! i've had a couple of months off already and i've got another month of summer to go and the happiness is definitely real. 

Whilst i've been away i have been thinking up column ideas and i *should* be able to schedule posts instead of columns going up at 11:59:59pm on a friday night (i get paranoid over grammar checking, okay) and i've also bought too many a lot of books to add to my shelves so they're are hopefully gonna be a lot of reviews coming this way soon. There are also many movies being released this summer that i want to see and hopefully review (from a fan's point of view ofc, i know NOTHING of cinematography). 

It was also the blogs second birthday on the 24th June and i just kind of need a moment to process that it's been TWO YEARS because, wow, that went really quick. HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY- it's been an amazing two years and I'm so happy i sent that first tweet that led to blog posts, train trips and concerts and i just

Happy Friday!

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