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Review: Acid by Emma Pass

Title: Acid
Author: Emma Pass
Cover Artist: Larry Rostant
Publisher: Corgi
Release Date: 25th April 2013
Genre: Dystopian YA Fiction
Page Count: 448
Original Language: English
Format Read: Paperback
Other books in series: N/A
Movie Adaptation: No

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I bought this book thinking nothing of it. "Oh, just another book to read" I thought. I wasn't even really interested in it, but I'd never seen it before or heard of it, and that's quite rare for me so naturally I bought it. Never did I actually think that it would be so good.


ACID - the most brutal police force in history. They rule with an iron fist. They see everything. They know everything. They locked me away for life. 

My crime? They say I murdered my parents. I was fifteen years old. 

My name is Jenna Strong.

First page:

*This review is spoiler free - it doesn't assume you have read the book*

I fell in love with this book! Oh gosh, I absolutely adored it from page one. Jenna Strong is named perfectly for who she is - she is an incredible and believable female lead that didn't pine (much) over boys and there wasn't some stupid love triangle as in other dystopia-style novels. The familiar dystopian shell that every other book I've read fits comfortably in to was absolutely SMASHED in this book. 

It was like one of those rollercoasters in theme parks that you are scared to go on because you are expecting to throw up with the familiar uncomfortable journey it takes you on, but then you go on it and its an unexpected thrill. That's what this book was like. It was full of surprising plot twists that threw you about a bit but you don't mind the ride because its something brilliantly new. 

Another thing I found with this book is that it is cosy as well as thrilling. You will sit down and literally cuddle up with it, because despite all of the terrible things that happen within it, you are so engrossed that you actually want to be a part of it, and you feel acquainted enough with the characters of Jenna and Max that you just know that they're going to be okay, so you may as well settle down and enjoy their journey. I put the book down after I'd finished feeling quite sorry for myself because I felt as if I had got to know Jenna and Max and the rest of the crew so well that I didn't want to leave them. I felt as if I was leaving behind old friends. I especially loved Elyn, and if you read the book you'll know exactly why.

It is truthful to the core - this future world is completely possible, with ACID, the corrupt government. The idea of everyone being assigned life partners, homosexual relations being illegal all over again, the advanced technology in the book... I could really see it happening. It wasn't unrealistic, not a single bit. That's a first for any dystopian novel I've read.

It may seem like I'm overselling this book, but trust me - if there was a fault I would have sniffed it out. I'm cautious of this genre because of the copycats in the business, but this was truly a beautifully original concept. Its so underrated, I'm telling you. 

I gave this book 5/5 cups of tea, because without a doubt it is one of the best books I've read all year. If anyone is stuck for reading material over the holidays, I would suggest buying this book to take away with you, because I couldn't find anything that I didn't like. Its an absolute treasure!

About the author:

Emma Pass grew up at an environmental studies centre in South East England. When she was 13, she decided to write her first ever novel in maths lessons with her notebook hidden under her work, and as a result, she still has to count on her fingers if anyone asks her to add anything up. She studied art at university but she never stopped thinking about she stories, and after she graduated, she decided to pursue writing as a career. Now, she lives in the North East Midlands with her husband. She also works at a library, where she supports two writing groups and helps out at as many reader and author events as she can. 

Where you can find Emma Pass: Website, Blog, TwitterTumblr, Goodreads

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