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Author Interview: Jolene Stockman

Total Blueprint for World Domination

Jolene Stockman

Jolene Stockman is the author of 'Total Blueprint for World Domination' and I interviewed her a while ago about her book, which is aimed at teenage readers who want to achieve their goals and dreams. Well, I say a while ago, but it was probably more than a year ago and for some reason I never uploaded it. I'm so sorry Jolene! Here's what she had to say about it - not about me uploading this late, but about her actual book...

1. What is your book about?
"Total Blueprint for World Domination takes you from this very moment to your greatest dream. It supports you in designing your dream world – the perfect world for you, and shows you the steps to make it happen!"

2. Why did you decide to explore the world of non-fiction?
"For me, non-fiction is my comfort zone (that’s my day job). I loved the idea of writing a book that gave readers not only the tools to make their dreams come true, but also the confidence and the belief to actually do it."

3. Did you enjoy writing the book?
"I loved it! It’s all about being a voice for the reader that says, “Anything’s possible for you.” I’m writing the sequel now, and it’s so great to spend time in the “world domination” headspace."

4. Is your book aimed at any particular audience?
"The book “officially” targets teenage readers, but if you’re ready to change your life or start plotting your perfect world – this book’s for you!"

5. Would you consider writing in any other genre?
"Definitely! My second book, “The Jelly Bean Crisis” is also for young adults, but it’s a contemporary fiction. It was a huge (and exciting!) challenge to jump into another genre, and I will do it again for sure! Writing in different styles and genres is a great way to stretch and stay fresh as a writer."

6. What is your favourite genre/style to write in?
"Ooh, I love different things about different genres! With the non-fiction I get to talk directly to the reader, and with the contemporary fiction I get to disappear into another world. Right now I’m also working on something with a paranormal twist, and I’m finding a whole new kind of fun and freedom in doing that."

7. What genres do you like to read yourself?
"Elmore Leonard’s crime fiction novels are some of my favourites because they are such raw and speedy, film-like reads, but I also really love the Anne Rice vampire series for letting me lose all sense of time and space. Since I started writing young adult fiction, I’ve jumped in and found so many new favourites there, too. Goodreads and book bloggers have been awesome for helping me find so many great new books and authors! I’ve been wolfing YA like candy – all in the name of research of course :)"

8. Are you reading a book right now? If so, which one?
"For me, the only way to squeeze reading in, is by having lots of books I’m part way through. So, at the moment I have a heap of paranormal YA on my Kindle, research non-fiction by my bed, a paperback from the Dexter series next to my hairdryer, and the audio book of Veronica Roth’s Insurgent in my car. (I find the more books I have in different places the easier it is to juggle them with my life!)"

9. What is the best thing about writing, in your opinion?
"Hmmm, being able to work in my pyjamas? Teehee :) There are so many amazing things about being a writer, it really is a dream job. I love being able to create worlds from scratch, I love feeding and stretching my brain, and I LOVE hearing from readers that my work has made a difference to them."

10. Have you ever wanted to be anything else other than a writer?
"Besides wanting to own a chocolate factory or a travelling flea circus, I always thought I’d be a writer, and ultimately an author. I am so, so happy with how it turned out! As well as being an author, my day job includes screenwriting, technical writing, and copywriting. (And if I want to get myself a chocolate factory or a flea circus, I can always write them into my books!) There really is a perfect world for everyone, and you can make it happen starting now!"

You can get the book now on amazon or add it to your goodreads! All I have seen for this book is good reviews, so I suggest adding it to your e-book collection now.

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