Friday, 5 September 2014

Kendal's Column: Back to school

It's now officially the end of summer for me now as, by the time this post goes up, i'll be on my second second day of 6th form (the terror) but , looking on the bright side, at least i got the grades to go so i'm just going to focus on that instead of the fact i'm going to be doing A levels.

As i have left school as many others will start i thought i would give some advice to those starting their high school 'career' (thats srsly what my teachers called it when i started....i just- no).

1) Try not to worry

I know you probably want to slap me yourself in the afec after reading that and i know it's 'not that simple' but honestly and truely, if you are starting high school, or indeed any new school, then its important to remember that the people around you are probably in the same boat. Everyone is nervous on there first day but PLEASE try not to let it get to you too much.
Starting somewhere new is not worth losing a night's sleep over.

2) Be prepared

This isn't just a good tip to follow for yourself, it could also lead to you helping others and maybe even making a new friend or friends. The person at the bus stop sniffing so much their nose might go into their brain? why not offer them a tissue. Person in English left their pencil case somewhere? why not offer them a spare pen.
Also, PLEASE DON'T FORGET THE EQUIPMENT YOU NEED FOR YOURSELF DAY AFTER DAY. The odd day is, of course, understandable but it really isn't cool to be continuously ill prepared for class. From personal experience i can tell you that it's wise to keep things like calculators and maths sets in your bag permanently; you never know when you might need.


Talk to people. Even though it is easier said than done you should make it your mission to talk to new people. admittedly i find big groups of strangers terrifying so if, like me, you find it hard to merge into a large group then try to talk to the people you sit next to in lessons and go from there. Ask them how they are, what they're studying, career ideas, college/university choices, past schools- whatever you want and try to find common ground and there you have it. Tried and tested by me with success.
If you are the only person from your previous school attending your new school then try not to panic or worry about losing contact with old friends. I know it is hard at the best of times to not be able to see your closest friends everyday but if you both make the effort you will remain friends for years to come.
For instance, my best friend for pretty much the whole of primary school went to the high school across town from where i was and that was pretty devastating for 11 year old me but we stayed in contact and she is still like my sister today. I even gained another close friend that i couldn't imagine life without as a result of her going to that school.
If you both make the effort, it works. If you're the one making the effort and getting nothing back from them then, if i'm brutally honest, they are not worth the time.

4) Classes and school life

if you are going into year 7 there's lots of new aspects to school like timetables and different teachers for different classes and lockers and school buses and blazers and whatever other strange things high schools have in store but there are some things that I, and many others, would appreciate you remembering

  • I know school is bigger but that unfortunately doesn't make you big. i'm sorry to tell you but you still have a lot of growing up to do and a lot of lessons to learn outside the classroom that not i nor anyone else can teach you. If you hear someone older than you saying 'ugh- i hate year 7's so much; they're so annoying' don't take it to heart AT ALL. It's just them showing their frustration at the fact that you are younger and don't yet know how the school really works. It comes in time and you will understand once a new year 7 class comes in. 
  • If you make life hell for your teacher then i hope that you stub your toe on every piece of furniture that you ever walk past and personally request that you get a paper cut every time you turn over a piece of paper because that is just plain rude and , congratulations, because you are a grade A* douche (to put it lightly). I know teachers can be strict and horrible at times but that is their job and teachers, believe it or not, want you to do well whilst simultaneously enforcing the rules that you have to follow so they themselves wont get penalised. That said, you don't need to be a 'teacher's pet' either. just show up on time, prepared, do the work you need to do and that's all you have to do. 
  • If something doesn't go exactly to plan and you end up landing in trouble just be honest. Even if it's hard, its better than digging yourself deeper in a whole. It's good to remember a decent person owns up to their mistakes, accepts responsibility and learns from their mistakes (it's better character building and all that stuff). AND more often than not, a teacher knows EXACTLY what's happened and will just watch you talk yourself into more and more trouble. 

5) Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

I guess that's kind of weird because you guys don;t ACTUALLY know me or what i would or wouldn't do BUT just promise me you'll think about choices you make, not just in year 7 or 8, but in all your classes you ever have and all the days you ever live. 

And that's pretty much all I got for year 7 advice. You might be able to apply some of it to other years too but i think, no matter what year you are in...

6)High school does end.

In year 7 I honestly thought 'how am I going to survive another 5 years of this?' but I did it. 
I quite literally counted down until I could leave school in year 11 from the start but I got through it. 
i wanted to homeschool, i wanted to change school, i wanted to stay in bed until I wasn't tired anymore but YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT. 
High school ends and people move on. The smaller things that seem to matter so much in high school won't matter after you've left. Just focus on getting the grades to get where you want to go and making memories with the people that matter to you. 

If you ever have any problems or want to talk to anyone, no matter how old you are, talk to someone. Me and @bookfangirling are always here if you want advice or just someone to talk to ( is a good place to ask us from advice or you can get to us on twitter @KendalFace_ or @bookfangirling)

Happy Friday! 

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