Thursday, 9 October 2014

Mental Health Day and Mental Health Days

The Mental Health Foundation are having a World Mental Health Day and this year its taking place on the 10th October. So yes, it is tomorrow, and I do realise that I'm always rather late with letting you in on things.

The day is to raise awareness and it takes place on the same day every single year, so you can put it in you diary for next year too. This year it focuses on raising awareness about living with Schizophrenia, which is a very scary illness for anyone that has it, but the day is to raise awareness for any mental illness that exists and to show support for the people who have them, as well as trying to get rid of the stigma that surrounds them. I will however make a separate post about Schizophrenia tomorrow, in honour of Mental Health Day.


The site Mind also has a lot of information about mental health, and Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) is the first digital ambassador for the website. Tomorrow she is going to launch the #DontPanicButton initiative, to get people talking on social media. If you want to take part, wear a red button somewhere on your body tomorrow to school, work or just around where you live, and those spotting it who know what its about will know that you're here to support them, or just simply that you understand. 

As if we couldn't love Zoe more!

This day is important to me because, like I have stated before, I suffer with anxiety. Its not self-diagnosed, I actually have it, and its made a conscious effort to ruin my life for the past four years. And, I some of my closest friends have had or do have anxiety and depression. So, any day like this to help spread awareness is amazing, because people still don't 'get' anxiety (or any other mental health issue for that matter) and if more people can understand it, its less for us to worry about. 

It links in with what I wanted to talk about today, because I wanted to tell you about Mental Health Days. These are different from the actual World Mental Health Day, and they are a short break from school or work, perhaps for one day, maybe for a couple more. You can take mental health days if you have gone through a long period of stress or anxiety, and it is affecting your everyday life, and you feel as if you need a day or two to forget about everything and have a couple of 'me' days.

I didn't know these existed until a while ago, and I have researched them more. You don't declare them to your school because it will count as an unauthorised absence, unless your school knows of your mental health and are willing to overlook it, which is probably very rare. If you feel as though everything is getting too much, take a day off. Declare it as a 'sick' day and let yourself calm down. 

I have never taken a mental health day from school, but this year I might have to. I'm usually very anxious about having 100% attendance, but its only ever worked out for me in one whole year, as I've had many hospital and dentist and doctor appointments since then, as well as having some real sick days.

Today I was thinking that I should have taken a mental health day, as yesterday a couple of things happened in school that really stressed me out, and it didn't exactly help me today as I had to enter the same place where the stressful things happened the day before. My work is starting to pile up, simply because I've been taking a lot of nights off from homework to stop myself from becoming too stressed and now I have lots to do and now I'm stressed. Its a terrible cycle. 

You could use the day to catch up on your work, or simply relax. Its your day, so its up to you. I will make a post on how to spend your day wisely within the next week, as this post is becoming a bit too long.

Have a stress-free and safe day tomorrow. I'm here if you want to talk!

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