Saturday, 4 October 2014

Saturday: Book Haul and Zoella Beauty Haul

So I haven't posted a book haul for aaaaages now, and I thought I'd better give you one before you give up on my blog completely. Gosh, I'm so bad at this weekly schedule malarkey.

This is a summer reads haul, that I got before I went on holiday. It is from quite a while ago now but I still haven't read any of them since my entire summer was kind of ruined (see this post for details) and so I thought I could still show you what I bought.

1. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey: Kendal has been telling me to read this for a while so I can't wait to get stuck in. I value her opinion a lot!
2. We  Were Liars by E. Lockhart: Another one Kendal recommended whilst I was in Waterstones with her one time. It only looks like a short book so I'll have to give it a read soon.
3. You're the one that I want by Giovanna Fletcher: Yes, I did buy it because she's a vlogger (and also Tom from McFly's wife, but that wasn't a deciding factor). I've actually started this book and its very very good!
4. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell: I just realised that I lied when I said I haven't read any of them yet... I read this one whilst on holiday! A review will be up soon-ish. 

In addition to all of this, I went into town today and managed to get my hands on some Zoella Beauty products! I went fairly early in the morning so everything was still mainly in stock, thank goodness, because I've been trying to buy some for the past week, and even though there are four Superdrugs near my house, there has been no sign of the products.

It was pretty cool, because the girl on the till asked me who Zoella actually was because the products are so popular, and when I told her how many subcribers she had she gasped! She was also warning me that they would be sold out soon, and I agreed with her on that one. They're like gold dust to get at the moment.

The first thing I put in my bath was the bath and shower gel, and it smells SO GOOD. Everything in her range pretty much smells the same so I could even break up some of the fizz bar and put a bit of both in, to give it extra bubbles. I think Zoe described them as 'fruity' in one of her vlogs, but it smells more of shea butter, and it just relaxes you as soon as you step into the bath. The fizz bar is presented like a chocolate bar, so you can easily snap off as many pieces as you want, and save the rest for later.

The body lotion smelt differently to the other two products. I don't know whether you've heard of E45 cream or Savlon, but they are both soothing creams that you put on an area of pain/irritation, and it smells like a much more appealing version of that. It also smells a bit like shea butter, but it isn't as prominent. I really like it though, because when I smell the cream, it instantly soothes me. I have a feeling there may be some ingredients similar to those in Savlon or something, but I can't be sure. If you're stressed, it calms you down.

I think this range is meant to calm you and help you with stress relief instead of having a really strong and fruity smell, and I like that, because I haven't got bath products that are solely for stress relief. It is so worth buying, and all three products I bought today were £5 each, so its a bargain for the size of them and the fact Zoe created them.

She also favourited my tweet about her products, and I was pretty happy about it.

Something to note: always check the temperature of your bath before you get in. For those who are anxious like myself, if a bath is too hot you can sometimes be fearful of overheating and fainting, and it will help you relax if you feel comfortable with the temperature of your bath. I've had a few occasions where I've felt light-headed after a bath and it ruined the relaxed mood I was in.

Hope you liked this post!
P.S: good luck in your quest for finding Zoe's beauty range!

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