Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Waiting on Wednesday: A Visual Journey by Ed Sheeran

This is a very different type of book that I'm excited about, and by one of my many favourite singers. A Visual Journey by Ed Sheeran is a visual book (obviously) that takes you through his life since he exploded onto the music scene, sharing pictures and anecdotes and memories from his time on tour and his life around music. 

It is officially released on the 9th October 2014... so tomorrow! And if you want to get it on the day you can you can pre-order it quickly here

Description (from the Amazon website):

With words by Ed Sheeran and illustrations by his childhood friend, artist Phillip Butah (who produces artwork for Sheeran's albums and singles), and accompanying photos, Ed Sheeran: A Visual Journey is an exclusive, fully authorised, first-person account by Ed of how he became an internationally renowned singer-songwriter.
In the book, Ed explores his early musical experiences and influences as well as his time recording and touring, right up to the release of his second album, 'x'. The book reveals what drives and inspires Ed as he continues to evolve as an artist, while coping with stratospheric success, and is an honest account of what it takes to make it in the music business.
With Phillip Butah's distinctive portraits of Ed throughout, this is a unique book celebrating a unique musician. It includes Ed's recollections of working tirelessly on the London gig circuit and self-releasing EPs, working hard on finding his sound, signing to Asylum Records and recording his huge hit album, '+', performing at the Grammys, touring with Taylor Swift and sell-out headline gigs at Madison Square Garden. It takes us up to Ed as a musician today, including recording his new album, 'x'.

The artist, Phillip Butah, is Ed's friend, and so I'm excited for how they're going to compliment each other's artistic flare. 

I personally cannot wait! I think it will be a brilliant companion to his new album, and you will be able to read it whilst listening to his glorious songwriting skills. I picked a few of my favourites: Thinking Out Loud, Afire Love, Don't, and Nina. You can give them a listen if you haven't already:

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