Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Bullet Journalling: your way to being creative and organised

Those who are following me on Twitter may have seen my recent tweets about how much I'm loving this thing called Bullet Journalling. This is a method of organisation for when you want everything in one place in an easy to read, manageable format, which is basically a journal or notebook. You also get to customise your own as you start directly from scratch in a crisp, new notebook, and so if nothing else this should make you want to do it!

This is the original video in which the creator takes you through his intended way of making a successful bullet journal:

I have also put together a little list of Tumblr posts you can look at to gain inspiration:

There are also things called Chronodexes and Spiraldexes which are visual aids that resemble a clock and you can plan your time this way... however I don't do this because I'm not an artist! They are very beautiful though and I would do them if I could:
Also I have found two posts that I actually think are really good examples of bullet journals:
I made mine yesterday, and I'm absolutely loving it. I'm quite an obsessive person at heart and so when it comes to doing all of my daily tasks I do them just for the sake of filling in the little square bullet, that tells me I have completed it. These are the two pictures I used to create my legend, which is basically the key for all of the time saving symbols in your journal:

I knew I had to make my journal practical and effective, because I faced the fact that my art skills aren't the best, and also the whole point of the journal is to keep organised and to get stuff done which is what I aimed for. This is what mine looks like so far (pictures from my instagram):

I decided to go for a simple bow

Of course my only motivation is Taylor Swift

This is my daily January page

My 'for when you're...' pages!

More 'for when you're...' pages

I hope you like the start that I've made on my journal and I hope its given you some inspiration to make your own! I created the 'for when you're...' pages myself, and they consist of little envelopes with suggestions of what I can do when I'm bored, stressed, sad, need a break, and so on.

I would personally recommend using a bullet journal as its your own space to create and organise your life. Are you going to do it? And if you have a little motivation envelope at the start of your journal, what would you put in it?

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