Friday, 16 January 2015

Kendal's Column: A Fall Out Boy Listening Party

To start the new year off with a bang, Fall Out Boy are releasing their new album, American Beauty/American Psycho, on the 19th January (at least thats what the UK iTunes says) and in the build up to the official release they have streamed the full album on their website and on YouTube.

AB/AP is Fall Out Boy's 6th studio album which succeeds their 2013 hiatus-ending Save Rock and Roll which featured Elton John and Courtney Love with fall out boy's new sound which was i really don't want to say more pop rock because it's not pop rock but it's not what Infinity On High or From Under The Cork Tree sounded like so i'm just going to say refreshing and hope you get my drift.The album received widely positive reviews and, for comparison, got 3/5 stars from the guardian  whilst AB/AP received a 4/5 . They toured with the album for 2 years, joining with paramore on the MONUMENTOUR in early 2014 as well as worldwide touring. They began work on AB/AP in the summer of 2014 (according to Wikipedia so take of that what you will) and announced the album on the 24th November 2014 AND IT'S ALMOST HERE.

I have so far only listened to Centuries and immortals as they were singles that kind of 'opened' the era of AB/AP but i haven't listened to any of the pre-order 'early downloads' as of yet because (little back track here) when Taylor Swift's 1989 came out, i listened to each song on the album for the first time (bar Shake It Off) on the album release day, in the track listed order, and it made the whole release so much better because MUSIC FEELS EXPLOSION. But now i have a full album to immerse myself in IT IS TIME FOR AB/AP.
So, i have my headphones and a blanket and some tea and the playlist is up so, without further ado....

Track 1- Irresitible
The album starts with trumpets in a way that i could only describe as a fanfare to the album. the beat kicks in and i am already loving this and i'm barely 15 seconds in. 
oh. my. god. This chorus might be the anthem of my life. there's a drop and then Stump just I ALREADY HAVE TOO MANY FEELS FOR THIS SONG. This gets like a 6 out of 5. 
okay...let us calm.

Track 2 - American Beauty/American Psycho
So this track has a video that i am to artistically inept to interpret (i'm sorry) but it looks cool and i will look up the meaning of this  in the future (update: it MIGHT be a Youngblood chronicles type deal). I honestly feel like i should be smashing things whilst listening to this track. It's a song i could see on the divergent series soundtrack, it feels kind of like 'Lets go smash it up and start a revolution bc hell yeh, we're fall out boy'. Again, its got a good track behind it- damn this is good.

Track 3- Centuries
The first song of the era takes third place on the track list. Again, because it was the single, there is a video which seems to be David and Goliath styled. The favourite part of this song is the 'do do do do' right at the very start. It's and erie touch to an otherwise 'Let's paint the town red' song.

Track 4- The Kids Aren't Alright
This track feels oddly pop-y. It kind of reminds me of Young volcanoes but instead of being a happier song about youth, its more down beat. but one thing is for ce

Track 5- Uma Therman
Am i in a club? rockconcert? i don't really know or care because this is a damn good song. I wanna dance like Uma Therman. Party jam of 2015 though. The hooks on this album are ridiculous. i am unable to comprehend. I AM LOSING THE CHILL.

Track 6- Jet Pack Blues
okay, we're slowing it down a bit? 
or not?
i was not expecting this chorus and i didn't know i needed until i heard it. it's slightly more balland-y than anything else so far and its a refresher from the others. i can imagine having this at a show and lighters in the air with everyone belting out the chorus and yes yes thank you.

Track 7- Novocaine
I admit the first 2 seconds sound very much like the start of The Phoenix and i got a wave of nostalgia and i was not prepared. And i swear there was just a mention of a bird. 
however, whilst i am reminded of the phoenix there is no doubt in my mind that this stands as its own song. this is no 'Part II'. i feel like i am lining up for a bass ass drag race to be entirely honest.

Track 8- Fourth Of July
flutes and flutes and beat and stump and DROP. 
It's like they've smashed the album sound with woodwind instruments and the outcome has been pretty damn good. This album is certainly more beat centred and has more drops and such. killer hooks continue

Track 9- Favorite Record
this is pop.
this is taylor swift narrative with the fall out boy take on 'pop' 
no one can convince me otherwise.
this is catchy as hell and i love it. 

Track 10-Immortals 
Featuring in the Big Hero 6 movie credits (i'm still laughing, a uncharacteristic choice from disney, just saying), this track has a similar feel to centuries in that they both feature the idea of leaving a mark on the world before your time is up and being it being a great mark-or at least that's the interpretation i gather, apologies if i am unbelievably wrong.

Track 11- Twin Skeletons (Hotel in NYC)
I'm really loving the whole drum thing they've got going on. Stumps vocals are layered and lovely and SERIOUSLY THIS BEAT THING THE GO GOIN ON. i can't actually think of anything else apart from these hooks and beats. Although, i will say that this is a gloomier song which concludes the album as with save rock and roll which also featured last on the track list of save rock and roll as a slower song.

And so ends the first of thousands listening session. 
i don't know what i expected from this album but whatever those expectations may or may not have been, the album surpassed them. i'm in love with the adoption of a heavier sounding beat. This album actually has a few songs that i wouldn't be surprised to hear in a club *cough* Uma Therman *cough* 
As with most artists recently, i don't know if FOB really fit a genre anymore. This certainly isn't like any of their previous work and i honestly wouldn't know where to 'genre' it if you made me. But these days i think we're moving further and further away from set categories and moving towards a general 'alternative' but i am NO music expert so who am i to be saying anything about this album let alone the music industry as a whole. At any rate, i believe this is a strong album that will go far. 

Overall Rating: Friday

SAT 03 - Leeds First Direct Arena
SUN 04 - Aberdeen AECC GE Oil & Gas Arena 
TUES 06 - Birmingham Barclaycard Arena 
WED 07 - Cardiff Motorpoint Arena
FRI 09 - Manchester Arena 
SAT 10 - Bournemouth International Centre 
SUN 11 - London The SSE Arena Wembley (SOLD OUT)
MON 12 - London The SSE Arena Wembley 

Happy Friday!

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