Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My current favourite literary terms

Hello all!

So, I am currently spending the night preparing for a university scholarship exam which is tomorrow, and basically I have no idea what it will be about except that it will be to do with English Literature.


I have been researching a few literary terms for the benefit of this paper and so I thought I would share a few of my favourites that you may not have heard of.

Note that this is also for my benefit because I haven't done much preparation for this exam and I really need to learn a couple of new things by tomorrow morning!

1. Benedictio: The blessing or the act of a blessing

Eg: Benedict Cumberbatch, our lord our saviour

This word makes me think of Benedict Cumberbatch when I read it so this is how I will remember it!

2. Deesis: A calling to a witness

Eg: For God's sake!

Don't use Benedict's name in vain!

3. Anaphora: Repetition of a word or group of words at the beginning of successive lines.

Eg: My anaconda don't,
      My anaconda don't

My anaphora

My anaphora

My anaphora don't want none unless you got repetition hun!

4. Diaskeue: Graphic description of circumstances in order to arouse the emotions

Eg: As Benedict unwrapped the silk scarf from around his sleek neck, you could just about see the flex in incredible jaws. His cheekbones could cut the tension like a knife.

Note: doesn't have to be sexual, could be scary or funny, anything that makes you feel some sort of emotion

5. Epanorthosis: Amending a first thought to make it stronger.

Eg: I am angry - no, I am furious!

My best friend has a name similar to Epanor (but its not Epanor, obviously) and so I will remember this word because of this fact.

6. Astrothesia: A vivid description of stars

I love this word! I just thought it was pretty, and if by any chance the exam includes a vivid description of stars, I at least know what that's called now!

7. Pleonasm: the use of more words that necessary

Eg: with these eyes I saw the thing

It means to point out the obvious, really.

Hope you learnt some new words! 

I have to go and prepare some more now, see you tomorrow!


  1. Nice use of Cumberbatch gifs! :D Pretty much all these words were new to me, so thank you for that! I must try to use them now today so I don't forget. :) Astrothesia is going to be the first one I try - it is such a pretty word!

    1. Thanks! You've gotta love a bit of the Cumberbatch ;) And how pretty is Astrothesia?!

      Thanks for taking to time to comment :)


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