Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Life update: Unconditional Love for the Universe

photo from google images

I just thought I would take a quick moment to update you on my life, because I haven't done a personal post in a while, and my life is pretty freaking awesome right now.

I'll admit, I'm not in the frame of mind that I would like to be. But I'm getting much better. For anyone with mental health conditions (apologies if this wording offends you) it is extremely hard to go about normal life and pretend that you are coping. But each day with my medication and new-found self-love I am recovering. And that is so good to say, because two years ago I wouldn't have believed it. 

My main news however is that my first choice for university gave me an unconditional offer, after a few months of me having a conditional from them anyway. For anyone who doesn't know the difference between a conditional and unconditional, I'll put it simply: a conditional offer means that the university will accept you if you get the grades they offer to you, and an unconditional means that it doesn't matter what grades you get or whether you pass your courses at all... they will accept you as you are. 

This is the best news I have had for years. My whole life has led up to getting the grades for university, and whilst making myself ill in the process and things not always going the way I planned, I no longer have to worry. 

And how amazing is that? It is what every person with anxiety dreams about. I no longer have to worry about my grades, nor make myself ill over them, because my first choice university will accept me as I am. And for that, I am eternally grateful. 

So right now I have unconditional love for the universe. I don't care if it isn't perfect, because I will accept it as it is, just like it accepted me as I am.


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