Saturday, 27 June 2015

Saturday: French book and stationary haul and what you've missed

This post took wayyy longer to prepare than to actually write, as I've taken a lot of pictures and had to edit and upload them before transferring them over to my blog. So its going to be photo-heavy today, which I hope is okay for you! All of my photos are from my Instagram.

Since I've finished school, I've been looking forward to expanding my knowledge, my way. And the thing that I really wanted to focus on was improving my French. I self-taught myself the very basics whilst I was in primary school since we never had any language lessons, and I took French lessons six years out of the seven that I was in high school. 

This means that I haven't practised my French for over a year, but I adore the language and hope to become fluent, or as close to fluent as I can get. I have to rely on self-teaching now, which I know how to do efficiently (but am still learning on how to improve my self-teaching all the time) and so I thought I would take you on the journey with me.

I decided to get some resources, and so I did a haul about a week ago that I can now fully show you.

For my French translated books, I used Amazon. They are really good with this kind of stuff and offer a whole range of languages, but it took me a while to figure out how to search successfully for the things you want so I'll put that in another post. 

I bought Asterix chez les Bretons, and a French translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (notice how the name doesn't translate completely on HP). Asterix is a really popular comic that has been running for years in France, with movies being made of the stories. I would highly recommend that anyone learning French from just after the beginning tries Asterix.

Then I moved onto stationary to help me make notes from other textbooks I own (which I will put in another post if you would like) and to make a note of the words from these books that I didn't understand the first time. Learning is all about making mistakes! The notebooks are from Paperchase and they are lined.

Next came some gel pens to write with, as when learning you need your brain to pick up on colours and interesting patterns or doodles. These are also from Paperchase.

Last but not least, what is learning without something to strive for? These cute stickers from Paperchase featuring cute cats and Peter Rabbit will brighten up my plain notebooks and indicate when I have learned something in a chapter of a textbook. I just had to get them!

That's all I got from this haul, but it was really nice to start the summer off with. Next week I will be reporting on the books I bought from independent book shops as this week was #IBW2015.

I also owe you a bullet journal post from after exam season! That's coming up soon as well.

Have a nice day or night, wherever you are x

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