Friday, 17 July 2015

Kendal's Column: #DearMe- A Letter to my 11 year old self

A few weeks months back, @BookFangirling did the #DearMe-letter to my 14 year old self so i thought i'd give it a stab too but instead of 14 i'm going a write to my 11 year old self because they need it A LOT more than me at 14.

Dear Me,

Hello, i'm just going to jump right in. 
You're about to start high school and you're kinda scared you're going to end up do something stupid, making a fool of yourself and, therefore, be forced to drop out and live as a Peruvian sheep herder for the remainder of your days in order to avoid the crippling embarrassment of facing your peers again, not to mention the mortal terror of losing your primary school friends AND, god forbid, having to navigate life with no one you know by your side. 
All of these things happen (well not the sheep herding thing but, hey, I'm only 17). 
I'm the last person in the world who would lie to you so trust me when i tell you that whilst you are in for a hell of a time it gets SO. MUCH. BETTER.
There are going to be days where you don't want to get out of bed for a week and you can't bare the thought of facing the beige walls of a classroom and nights where you feel so alone it scares you but know that there will come a day where you get out of bed and you'll realise everything has somehow changed. You've somehow surrounded yourself with the biggest bunch of losers in the world but you love them all and they'll give you the best years of your li- you're vomiting at the sappiness aren't you?

We'll stop with the sappiness and talk about the cold hard facts.

From me to you: stop being embarrassed. You are weird and thats more than fine- be unapologetically you. You're missing out on so much because you're too shy or embarrassed. Getting hate? shake it off (also patent that for reasons). You'll be having so much more fun than people who are too judgemental to join the parteyy. Make them jealous of the fun you're having.

You should also know that nothing is final and changing your mind is sometimes how you figure out the right choice. In my own experience, don't value everyone else's opinion so much. Their happiness doesn't equate to your own, lines blur sometimes but just take some time and figure out what YOU really want and it'll be SO obvious and you'll save so much time later. Don't do something you hate just to fit a mould. Challenge your own limits, reshape and redesign the mould but breaking it entirely is going to set you back in the long run. 

This probably doesn't make a lot of sense right now but a time will come when you too wish you knew then what you know now.

Have fun!

Happy Friday!

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