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Meeting Louise Pentland (aka Sprinkle of Glitter)

All photos are from my Instagram @bookfangirlingblogger
As if I haven't talked about it enough (see posts here and here) I thought I would write a post on meeting Louise Pentland so that I can treasure the memory. If you don't know who Louise is, she is a blogger and vlogger who can now add author to her list of achievements, and she is just an all-round good person who strives to let everyone see the best in themselves.

Side note: I tweeted this on the night before I was going to meet her and at about midnight she favourited it!

I met her on the 4th July 2015 as part of her book tour for Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter, and I'll have a review on my blog on Monday with all of the links if you want to buy it. I went into town early to get a Kinder egg for her daughter, Darcy, to add to my little bag of treats I'd already got her. Technically, we weren't allowed to start queuing up before 10:00am, but a few people were already there chatting away to security and so it was perfectly fine to wait a bit earlier.

Whilst I got talking to the girls who were beside me in the queue (I know - me talking to strangers and enjoying it!) I found out that they went to a school that's really close to mine, and for two hours we just talked about other YouTubers we like and giggled about how excited we were to meet Louise!

As the Waterstones team came outside to hand us out wristbands they told me that they really liked my shirt (not my picture) and I was so happy! It was nice to feel welcome in a group of people I didn't know where I could just talk about what I wanted and they 'got' me, you know?

After a wait that actually didn't feel too long, the clock struck 11:00am and the doors of the shop opened. We thought we were going to start coming in, but Louise actually walked out and had Natalie (one of her Gleam Team members) vlogging the whole thing. Let's just say there was a lot of screaming around me, but I thankfully didn't get too caught up in the moment and so didn't scream at her. What I actually did was draw a sharp intake of breath at how beautiful she looked and proceed to say "aww" for the next five minutes. 

Can I also just point out that Louise doesn't walk. She floats. Like a beautiful sun goddess in a long skirt and golden pointy pumps. She almost tripped over the barriers whilst floating around and saying hello to everyone in the crowd, and I think that's the most 'Louise' thing she could of done, which made me love her more. Even whilst almost falling over she looked graceful!

It was then time to start going in once she had conducted her vlog, and you could just feel the excitement in the air. Everyone was being lovely and offering to take pictures for each other even though we were complete strangers but we all wanted everyone to have the best experience. I was pretty near the front because I had queued early and so it didn't take me long to have my chat with her. Just before I did, the security guard asked me if I have to constantly apologise for being tall... I must have been saying sorry a lot when we were being asked to move back! I just wanted to be polite to everyone! He was also very tall and we had a quick laugh about our height, and then it was my turn to meet Louise.

It was amazing. I'm not one to get starstruck I've learnt, and Louise didn't make me feel as though I had to be anyway. I walked up to her and gave her my two books to sign, and told her the presents I'd got her (you can see her reaction in the top photo of this post). She said something about Darcy enjoying her Kinder egg (although at this point I was freaking out a bit, admittedly, and I didn't catch exactly what she said), and she asked me my name, even though she wasn't allowed to give dedications in the books. I just thought that was a really nice thing to do - she didn't need to know my name, but she wanted to anyway.

This picture below is my favourite one of the lot and just screams 'Louise', and I will be forever grateful that the person I gave my phone to got this shot! I know exactly when this was - it was when I told her that I'd already read her entire book! Bare in mind that when I met her, her book had only been out for two days. Yes, I was telling the truth, I read it all just so I could tell her that I had. She called me "speedy" and she just beamed at me, and I knew it was the best decision to read it beforehand! I told her it was really good, and again I'm not lying as you will read in my review, and she smiled even more.

She said "you won't need to read these ones now!" and I told her I'd just read it again (not a lie, I definitely will) and that was the moment out conversation was over. When I was leaving I quickly said "I love your videos by the way!". 

What I found was that she was one of the most lovely people I think I'll ever meet. She listened and smiled at everything I said and never once lost her attention, and she made everyone feel really special. The security at Waterstones where trying to move everyone along as quickly as possible but Louise stood her ground and spoke to everyone calmly, and I even saw her neglecting the rule Waterstones had set of 'no selfies' so she tried to grab a selfie with a couple of people, although she couldn't get away with many! 

She is exactly the same person that she makes out to be in her videos. That kindness is not an act. She glowed with kindness and love and made it a very special occasion for me and many others. 

When I got home I took lots of pictures for Instagram and she liked three of them in that day! Also in sharing the photos I got a comment from the girl who was actually behind me in the queue at Waterstones and kindly took the photos when I was with Louise! What a small world.

It was a day that I'll never forget, and if you ever have the chance to meet Louise, do it! She is such a lovely person and her book tour was a really nice morning, where I got to make a few temporary friends and have a chit-chat to people who are as interested in YouTube as I am. 

Beautiful, kind, caring. That's who she is.

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  1. She has such a beautiful personality! I would love to meet her someday. If I could pick any one youtuber to spend a day with I'd chose her! and theres lil Darcy XD


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