Thursday, 23 July 2015

Post-Exam Bullet Journal Update

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So a while ago I made a post about my bullet journal which I started in January of this year, and I started it mainly to keep track of my homework and essays that I had to do since from 16-18 years old you don't get a planner in my school. Or I just didn't want one at the time. Which I obviously came to regret.

I got this plain notebook from Paperchase and I used it for six months for planning my homework and revision. This actually went better than I thought it would, as I only missed out a couple of days in total, and I just assumed I'd get bored of it after a while.

I stuck to it pretty well, and I found it so useful for organisation. I could also write personal tasks as well as school tasks, and my day would generally run a lot smoother because I was so determined to fill in the little boxes when a task was complete. 

I used pictures of Taylor Swift as motivation (see my first post on my bullet journal) and included envelopes that I could open "for when you're [insert terrible emotion]". I didn't manage to open most of these envelopes and do many of the activities in them, but that was just because of the time.

They were just silly things like 'eat Nutella' or 'play Animal Crossing on your DS' but it was nice to know they were there if I needed a break.

At the end of every month I did a reflection type-thingy and wrote about what I achieved, what I didn't achieve, and what I want to achieve in the next month. This helped me to set goals and know what I need to improve on each month. Again, they were not all about school:

I am still using my bullet journal now as I have some blank pages to fill, but since I have finished school I don't do it everyday. 

If I have a really busy blogging day with a lot of posts to draft or books to complete and write up a review of, I'll plan in in my journal. Or, if I have a friend coming over the next day, I'll write down what I have to do to prepare for that. It is more personal than academic now:

I didn't think I'd get this far with it, as I thought it would just be another Tumblr craze, but I genuinely think it helps! No bullet journal is the same and you personalise it to your life, so you can have as many unique pages in it as you want. You can even make it look pretty, but I'm no artist and I couldn't be bothered when I had exams to think about.

Does anyone else use a bullet journal or want to use one? Did you not like the idea of it at first?

I will make another bullet journal update as soon as possible, but that might be when I'm starting university!


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