Thursday, 16 July 2015

Reading Music: Dodie Clark

Oh my goodness, I haven't done a Reading Music in such a long time!

For those who are not familiar with this thing that I do (which I completely understand because, you know, its been a while) then I showcase some music that I've been loving that would be perfect for putting on in the background as you read.

I know that some people can't fully concentrate when they read, and so to help them do so I recommend music. Its hard to read when life gets in the way, or you're stressed, and so you can use it as white noise or just something to calm you down when trying to get into a good book.

Dodie Clark, also known as doddleoddle on YouTube, is a British YouTuber and is also one of my favourite YouTubers. I found her just over a year ago - where, I don't know, but all I knew was that I loved her voice. I have seen her channel progress over this short amount of time and I'm really happy that she is starting to get the recognition that she deserves.

So, I thought I would share some of her music with you, as it is perfect for relaxing and concentrating on that book that you've wanted to start for so long. 

Also, she is a really talented musician (and good in a crisis?):

The first song I want to share with you is a cover of FourFiveSeconds with Jack Howard, and it is just really lovely and soft and gives you all of the chilled-out feels:

The second is an original song from her called Pas De Deux, which is a sad song meant for the Rise Above campaign, but the song itself is such a beautiful melody that I just had to share with you:

The last song I'll recommend (although I recommend them all, personally) is a cover of La Vie En Rose because I think it is so cute and it allows you to listen whilst read without interruption.

That's all from me today! If you want to check out more of Dodie's music and her vlogs, or just keep up with what she's doing, then her links are below.

YouTube Channel          Twitter          Facebook          Instagram          Tumblr

If you love her a lot, you can even become a Patreon and support Dodie with her future music and videos!

See you on Saturday with a cheeky Waterstones book and M&S notebook haul!


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