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Review: Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter by Louise Pentland

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Title: Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter
Author: Louise Pentland
Cover Artist: Louise Pentland and various Stock Images
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release Date: 2nd July 2015
Genre: Lifestyle guide
Page Count: 256
Original Language: English
Format Read: Hardcover
Other books in series: N/A (although I've heard there is a diary on the way?)
Movie Adaptation: N/A (but you can watch her videos!)

As you probably all know, I met Louise Pentland also known as Sprinkle of Glitter last Saturday as part of her book tour, and it was really lovely to see her in real life as well as speak to her. I can confirm she is as lovely in person as she comes across on the internet! I've written a whole post about that here, as this is the review of her book, Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter

Not that many YouTubers that I regularly watch have released books. I know it seems like I'm always including YouTubers in my Waiting on Wednesdays, and of course I am eagerly awaiting Dan and Phil's book, but I can't watch them all! Louise however is someone who I absolutely adore and have watched for a couple of years, and she easily makes it into my top three YouTubers.


Imagine you are in one of those glorious vintage shops where every surface is laden with treasure. 

Cut glass, pill boxes, old cameras, pendants, chests of drawers and stacks and stacks of books. This book is like that. Each chapter is one of those gem encrusted tins that you can open, peep inside and enjoy. You can either methodically wander the entire shop, looking at each individual item in order, or, you can dance around with wild abandon, opening and closing whatever you like, whenever you like. 

You can take in tiny bits of it at a time or you can devour it all in one go. I don't mind. I don't mind how you go about it; all that matters to me is that you take something from it. Divided into four sections: Glitz, Create, Need to Knows and All About Love , you'll find all my little tips and tricks, stories and insights and nuggets of advice. 

I want you to walk away from this book feeling uplifted. I want you to feel as though you are equipped to deal with something in your life and deal with it in the best possible, positive way. I want to show you how I find so much joy and enrichment in my life and how you can do it too, with just a Sprinkle of Glitter.

*There is no spoiler alert for this book* 

When I got this book delivered to my house on the release day, the first thing I noticed was how petite and compact it was. It is almost like a pocket life manual that you can pop in your bag and look to it for reference or cheering up wherever you go, and I think that's such a brilliant extra.

Here's my head against the book for size reference!
What can I say about this book that hasn't already been said? It took me less than two days to finish it and I loved every second of when it was in my hands. 

I have heard, on the more negative side of things, that this book has a very young target audience since it speaks about school, online safety, travelling for the first time and some other audience-specific topics, but I completely disagree. Like Louise says in the blurb, you can dip in and out of it reading only the things that appeal to you in the moment (I however read it from cover to cover) and there is no pressure to go through it chronologically.

Even my mum likes the look of it! And that is very high praise indeed. I was telling her about how Louise speaks about confidence and positive attitudes, and she said "ooh, I might have to have a little read of that". This is proof that it appeals to people of all ages, and though not everyone is going to like it (although Louise tries to accommodate everyone in it - boys as well) it still shows that she has a very universal and informal writing style that is perfectly suited to the book she has written.

Photo from my Instagram @bookfangirlingblogger

What I also found was that it is so cosy and refreshing, which are perhaps words that you don't hear very often but sure work for this book. It feels like you're sitting in front of a roaring fire in the winter whilst reading it, but it also feels like a book you can read beside the pool on your holiday in a roasting hot country. 

That is such a precious value to have in a book, as I sometimes think books can be seasonal depending on the content (if there is a Christmas day scene in a novel, for example) but Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter can be read anywhere at any time of the year.

I just also want to mention that this book is hilarious at times, especially the stories of her strange first dates! This book is a paperback version of Louise in every form, and even if you are not already familiar with her videos, you will instantly fall head over heals in friend-love with her. 

Overall, every single page in this book is a beautifully coloured treat that you will just get lost in and will never want to wander back out of. It is a kind-hearted gem written by a kind-hearted gem, and I give it 5/5 British cups of tea. 

P.S: If you want to know some insider knowledge about her book, Louise has made a video and you can watch it below:

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