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Saturday: #IBW2015 haul and what you've missed

Photograph taken by me and can be found on my Twitter @bookfangirling

Your eyes do not deceive you: its Sunday! But as I explained on Twitter I had a lot of photo editing to do from my day of meeting Louise Pentland (aka Sprinkle of Glitter) and I needed to upload them all before starting this post. Then I went out for a meal with my family and had no more time in the day!

I'm in a very happy mood right now because I met Louise Pentland yesterday and I've just felt so freaking happy all day! Also, she liked three of my Instagram photos and favourited one tweet. And that's basically what you've missed. So on with the book haul!

This is last week's book haul, actually, as part of #IBW2015 - Independent Bookshop Week. This week was created to celebrate the lovely independent bookshops we have as they often lose customers to bigger chains such as Waterstones and WHSmith. So I thought that since I am a culprit of choosing Waterstones over indies, that I would buy as many books as I possibly can from independent bookshops near me.

The first one was where I bought the most, which had all kinds of deals such as three for £5 - oh yes, you heard me right, and so I went a bit crazy. I got the first three for £5 altogether!

Rage Against the Dying isn't a book I've ever heard of before but it caught my eye and the blurb just made me want to buy it even more. Its a crime and mystery novel, which I told you I love in this post. I honestly don't read enough of them... or I never feel as though I have had my fix of thrilling chases. Either one was another reason to buy this book.

My photograph from my Instagram
I didn't get the next one with a perfume, but the photograph is from my Instagram so I wanted to make it look even prettier than the book already is! This book, The Sunday Philosophy Club, is one that immediately appealed to me as it is a summer-y novel that deals with topics within philosophy. I had to have it!

My photograph from my Instagram
The third in the 'set' is the novel adaptation of the ITV series Broadchurch, and I was really excited when I found this. I adored the television show and I can't wait to read the book, even though I know how it ends. A definite holiday read!

My photograph from my Instagram
The next book I bought to add to my collection (yes, I have a collection) is A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey, and this is the third behind the scenes book of Downton that I have. I love love love the pictures and commentary and so I'm hoping this one is just as good.

My photograph from my Instagram
The last things I bought in this shop were the entire Scorch Trials series, for about £5. I haven't heard much about them but I have heard good things, and so when I have the time to read a whole series I'll make sure to find these on my shelves.

Taken from my Twitter account

Taken from my Twitter account
The second place I went to was an indie book shop in my town centre called News from Nowhere, which I had never been in, but will definitely visit again. I wanted to give it a special mention on my blog because they specialise in selling influential author's work, feminism, politics, the environment, and so on. Its a chilled-out place where the books on the shelves can help change the world, and I loved being in there.

I purchased two books because they were a little bit more expensive than the first shop, but nothing out of the ordinary in terms of book prices. I got Malala Yousafzai's biography, which I have had on my wishlist for a while, and The Bees by Carol Ann Duffy, which is a poetry book. I found this book on holiday in another independent bookshop, but didn't buy it because it was really expensive, but I saw it in here with more than half the price taken off and I knew that book had to me mine!

Photograph from my Instagram
If you are ever in the area and want somewhere to wander into, then I suggest this bookshop. I loved the vibes and didn't want to leave. I wanted to have more money so I could buy more books from there!

Photograph from my Instagram

And that's my independent bookshop haul! I think we need more than a week to appreciate the work that these shops do for our communities and how passionate they are about books, but to tell you to visit them more often is slightly hypocritical as I only venture into them when I am on holiday.

Did anyone else celebrate it last week? If you did, let me know! Do you like indie bookshops or chains like Waterstones more?

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