Saturday, 11 July 2015

Saturday: Small book haul and what you've missed

All photos are from my Twitter @bookfangirling and my Instagram @bookfangirlingblogger

The title may confuse you... they are not small books, but its just a small book haul, haha! I have a lot of other books and other notebook-y bits to show you, but I felt like these two books deserved their own spot because they look so beautiful together.

After all of the excitement I had last week, it was nice to just take a step back, in the knowledge that I have books stored up for future hauls, and focus on improving my blog even more. I have not been feeling very well at all for the past week as I'm on some new tablets and for the first time ever I'm experiencing a pill's side-effects! No more of them for me, me thinks. Off to the Doctor for something new soon hopefully.

The first book I got was The Salmon who Dared to Leap Higher by Ahn Do-hyun, a Korean author I believe. This caught my eye in Waterstones and I could not just leave the shop without it. Its a dainty size with a beautiful shine in some of the waves, and I'm thinking I'll take it on holiday with me.

The second book I purchased, not in Waterstones though, is an adult colouring book. I have seen all of the hype, and I may be a bit late to the party, but nonetheless I thought I'd give it a whirl. This one is Art for Mindfulness: Landscapes by Joe Bright, and it is a thick book with all of the wonderful patterns that you could dream of.

Plus, on every left-hand side next to a pattern, there is a serene quote, to further your relaxation and to help mindfulness whilst you fill in the pages with colour. 

Don't worry, I'll have lots of new books for you next week - more than two! If you want to see my photos before my post because you just can't wait, my Instagram is updated often with my new finds.

You also missed something weird, which was that Buzzfeed actually put our link in one of their articles! It was a source name (naughty Buzzfeed got the wrong original source) for one of the gifs that Kendal had previously used, not on the blog but in her little goodbyes in which she links to an outside website containing a gif. Here is the post that they linked us in if you wanted to know. Try and spot us!

I realised this had happened when one morning we had already had over 200 views on our blog, and that just wasn't right, especially for early in the morning! I had to trace back the source, and low and behold, Buzzfeed were behind it.

Just a short post today, and I've got so much lined up for you throughout the summer so keep an eye out for exciting things!

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