Saturday, 8 August 2015

Saturday: Pre-Holiday Book Haul 2015

All photos are from my Instagram @bookfangirlingblogger
So I'm on holiday in France at the moment and beforehand I went on a bit of a book-spree with Kendal, just so I could get the last few books that I was desperate to read whilst on the beach or sitting by the pool, or even on a long journey.

I thought I would just blog some of the books that I have bought as well as many others already on my shelf, and taken, and schedule it whilst I'm away.

Also, do you like the light-up owl Kendal got for me for my birthday? I'm taking my owl bag as my usual designated holiday book-carrier bag, and so I thought I would take a couple of photos. An owl inside an owl bag - cute!

These two are books that you've seen before! Of course I had to take at least one French book to France, so I'll spend a day translating it the best I can, and it will probably help if I'm in that environment! The second is the adult colouring book I have mentioned in a previous haul post, but I'll actually put that in my carry-on bag for the ferry because I might get bored, plus being around lots of other people will no-doubt cause me some anxiety.

Then I have what I called 'my pastel reads' on my Instagram, and it wasn't deliberate but I've managed to pack three books that all match with beautiful yellows and blues! These are also all books that I have mentioned in previous hauls, which you can look for in the book hauls tag!

The next three are books that I'm so excited to take away with me! They are all books surrounding the idea of death and crime. The second volume of Death Note is the first on my list to read, along with Love Letters to the Dead and Broadchurch, of which I've already seen the television show. I can't wait to devour them!

Then I have two fairly new books on my shelf; Unspeakable and the first Sailor Moon manga book. I love Sailor Moon and so am really excited to read this! Hopefully it will be another manga collection I'm starting.

The last book I'm taking with me to France is The Bell Jar, which one of my best friends lent to me as a surprise! I am going to read this whilst I'm away so that I can hand it back to her as soon as possible, as I don't like to keep hold of other people's things for too long!

I hope you're having a great day/night wherever you are! Hopefully I'm having a good time in France... I suppose future Hannah will be able to tell you all in another post!

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