Thursday, 6 August 2015

Self-Teaching Languages: Inspiring YouTube channels (apn9a)

To go with all of those books I have recommended so far, I thought I would up your motivation to learn a language, or to carry on learning it, with an inspiring YouTube channel. 

Emy is a French YouTuber who considers herself a Polyglot. This means that she understands two or more different languages, and she knows French, English, Japanese, Korean, Latin, some German, and reads Russian. 

French is her native language, whilst she is pretty fluent in English, knows a lot of Japanese (I personally think she speaks Japanese with ease compared to many learners), and although she hasn't studied German in about five years she absolutely loves the language. She also knows Latin, but obviously can't use it very much because it has ceased to exist as a functioning language in society. Learning Korean is an additional hobby for her, and she would love to learn Russian properly in the future although she can read it.

You can learn more about this in her video below:

I found Emy's channel when I was looking for language help myself, and I found her interesting because she spoke both French and English, so I could watch most of her videos and improve my French along the way.

However, I became completely inspired by her when I watched that video and heard all of the languages she speaks. That is just my dream. My interest grew even more when she mentioned that she understands Japanese and Korean, as I am particularly interested in these languages. When I get more to grips with French, I am so going to look into these.

She has many videos which provide helpful tips on how to learn a language, and a particular favourite of mine is this one:

And if you're interested in Japanese, she also does videos completely in Japanese. How cool is she??

Emy is inspiring for me because she is brilliant at so many languages, and although she thinks some are hard, she doesn't give up. She is so talented and has a skill that not many people in the world have, and so if she can learn this many languages successfully, you can learn one, even if it is just in your spare time!

If you want to watch the rest of Emy's videos or just see what she's up to, here are her links:

YouTube          Facebook          Twitter         Blog          Instagram

Does she inspire you too?

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