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Review: The Amazing Book is not on Fire by Dan Howell and Phil Lester

Title: The Amazing Book is not on Fire
Author: Dan Howell and Phil Lester
Cover Artist: Dan Howell, Phil Lester, and Dave Brown
Publisher: Ebury Press
Release Date: 8th October 2015
Genre: Semi-Autobiographical and Humour (Teen Non-Fiction)
Page Count: 224
Original Language: English
Format Read: Hardcover
Other books in series: N/A
Movie Adaptation: N/A (but there was a live show dedicated to its contents)


Hello reader!

In this book is a world. A world created by two awkward guys who share their lives on the internet! 

We are Dan and Phil and we invite you on a journey inside our minds! From the stories of our actual births, to exploring Phil’s teenage diary and all the reasons why Dan’s a fail. Learn how to draw the perfect cat whiskers, get advice on how to make YouTube videos and discover which of our dining chairs represents you emotionally. 

With everything from what we text each other, to the time we met One Direction and what really happened in Vegas... 

This is The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire!

First Page


*SPOILER ALERT: This review does not assume you have read the book* 

I already review this book over on my youtube channel, so if you want to listen to me talk about it instead then you can. This blog post will pretty much go over the same points.

The biggest thing readers get from this book is the personal feeling. For people like me who have been watching Dan and Phil for years, it feels like it was created especially for us. You can tell that an immense amount of work has gone into it. As a viewer, I feel very proud.

The book is so much fun! And it also felt very nostalgic. I started watching Dan and Phil in 2011, so it was kind of emotional for me to look back and think about my past as well as their's. 

I'm obviously not going to spoil anything for you, but I'll just say one thing. WE ARE ALL THE BLUE CHAIR.

Funny story: I actually referenced the 'existential crisis hallway' page in my philosophy essay for university. So, according to academia, Dan is a philosopher. You're welcome, Dan!

A perfect book for those who love Dan and Phil and want more of an insight into their crazy minds, The Amazing Book is not on Fire is funny, fast-paced, and freaking amazing (get it?). It also made me emotional, thinking about how much two normal guys have achieved through hard work and determination. This book is certainly a motivator, and Dan and Phil are good guys, so you'll be a better person after reading this book. 

5/5 cups of British tea, obviously!

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  1. I haven't actually watched a video from them (I've watched collabs but never their own content) but I've heard how funny and shippable they are! I usually don't pick up Youtuber books, but that first page is hilarious so maybe I'll give this one a try. Yay for 5-stars! Hopefully I'll like this one as much as you did :).

    Jess @ Princessica of Books


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