Wednesday, 27 April 2016

'Flawed' Event with Cecelia Ahern 22/03/16

Hey guys!

Last month I went to meet Cecelia Ahern to hear her talk about her newest young adult release, Flawed. She firstly did a short reading from the first chapter of the book, and then her and the host got talking about all things books/writing.

When asked about her writing process, here are the things you need to know:

  • She writes from the heart
  • She is passionate about the books that she writes
  • She writes 2 books a year
  • She likes to write with a pad and a pen, and then type each chapter up on her computer, and work through a novel that way, one chapter at a time
  • She gets ideas very easily
  • Ideas are not the problem - finding the time to write is!
  • She wrote P.S I Love You in her pyjamas in bed, but now she has a big fancy office where she works 9-5 four days a week.

Cecelia then went on to talk about her new book, and how it was an anger-induced book. She wrote it in an angry and almost shaky state, because she was so passionate about the issues that she was exploring in the novel. 

In fact, she was so passionate about it that she wrote it in only 6 weeks!

(They even had Flawed cakes at the event!)

She loves her main character in this novel, and since it has been shortlisted for a film already, she has been thinking of a few women who could perhaps play the protagonist. Zendaya and Amandla Stenburg are contenders, whilst she would love to have George Clooney make an appearance. 

And here's a fact you may not know about Cecelia: she used to be in a Eurovision group for Ireland!

It was then time for questions from the audience, and since I haven't read all of her books, I thought I'd let the super fans ask the hard-hitting questions. One of the questions was "which of your books is your favourite?" and she said P.S I Love You, because it was life changing, and the most important to her overall.

Through these questions, we got to know a little bit more about Cecelia's fame. In fact, sometimes she has people coming to her house to ask her to sign books, because the people in her town give away her address! There is a downside to every job...

In terms of YA books in general, she said that she thinks the only difference about writing a YA and an adult novel is the age of the main character. But, she discloses, adults can read YA too. 

Overall, the event was a lovely insight to the brilliant author that is Cecelia Ahern, and when I spoke to her, she was very nice indeed. 

I really enjoyed this event, and got talking to some lovely people in the queue for signing. Cecelia was clearly very happy to be with us and I'm glad she had a great time too, because we certainly did!

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