Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Guest Post: Why I started blogging? The Beauty Is A Beast

Hi there you lovely lot! I’m guest posting for Hannah today and for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Rachel from The Beauty Is A Beast. I mainly run a beauty blog (-sigh- yeah another one!) but happened to come across Book Fangirling’s blog for the mutual love of Holly Bourne’s feminists book trilogy!

Today I’ve decided to speak a little about blogging, why I started blogging and what I love about blogging. So in a rough estimate I’ve been blogging for a little over four years now, with my very newbie material and awful photography still live on my blog if you want to scroll back and have a giggle to yourself – but it’s crazy when you start blogging, you don’t realise how much hard work and dedication it takes to even get it off the ground.

I started blogging to justify how much money I spent on beauty products (this joke always goes down so well!) but really, I started it as something to do in my spare time which help combined my love of writing and beauty related products.

As time has gone on, I took a brief break from blogging where I had just lost passion and couldn’t force myself to write posts week in and week out. No matter what niche you blog about, the amount of effort and time in a week spent photographing, blog writing and editing and eventually the sharing of posts along with keeping up to date with others in your community who share your passion never even crosses your mind before you decide to blog.

Sometimes with blogging, it can be really difficult to stop comparing yourself to all the other blogs out there because really, this whole situation is a learning curve. With each post, I learn a new skill or use a new app/software that I had never come across before. It’s easy to get weighed down by numbers/shares/followers but each blog is different – and the numbers are just that… numbers. If you enjoy what you’re doing, the reach of your posts, the number of likes a photo receives and so on do not define you and your blog.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the life it has given me. While blogging, I’ve had the opportunity to be so lucky and meet some people who I would now consider friends for life. Blogging chats mean you can chat with people who share similar interests and pick up little tips and tricks along the way. But yes, overall it has cost me a fortune with all the products I’ve written about that I just HAD to try.

My favourite thing about blogging comes down to the ability to use this as a distraction from life. The blogging community is beyond supportive and positive, willing to help everyone on their journey no matter how small/large the blog – I find it so enjoyable to write as a break from my normal day to day routine especially while I’m trying to juggle work and my Master’s degree. 

Top Tips
Photographs matter, no matter whether in a post or while promoting a post
Blogging chats are a great way to meet new people and help spread the reach of your blog
Never sell out, always write because you want to, not because you NEED too.

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