Thursday, 6 July 2017

My Ideal Reading Space (ft. Arhaus)

Hi everyone! Today I have teamed up with Arhaus to bring you this blog post, all about my ideal reading space. They do gorgeously chic homeware for all around the house, and lots of their stuff is perfect for creating your own ideal reading space!

Okay, so I have a couple of ideal reading spaces. The first one is when I'm on a plane. Think about it; you can't go anywhere, and unless you're in a really fancy futuristic plane you don't have wifi, so checking your phone isn't an option. The journey itself is usually quite quiet, and the tranquility of the city lights below you create the perfect atmosphere for settling down and reading a book. Plus, with the lack of wifi you aren't preoccupied with wondering what's going on in the cyber-universe, so you can really get stuck in to that bestseller you've been dying to read. 

Photo courtesy of Arhaus

I get that some of you probably hate planes and so this would be a nightmare situation for reading, so I'll share another place that I love to read - hotel rooms. I personally love hotels, because every single one is different. You are having a new reading experience with every hotel room you stay in. Whether the bed is a blast-from-the-past four poster situation, or a modern cushioned number, it makes the perfect ship to sail the waves of your imagination.

If you're lucky, your hotel room might even have a writing desk, where you can peruse books at your leisure (or even begin your own masterpiece!) in a new country or city. If you're not a big writer, a hotel's bedside table can be the perfect buddy for your book, and since its right next to the bed it means your book is always staring at you, begging to be picked up again!

Photo courtesy of Arhaus

A book is my favourite travel buddy, but its the decor of the rooms I read it in that make all the difference. A beautifully furnished hotel room can become a home away from home.

Do you have an ideal reading space?

Let me know in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this post - be sure to check out Arhaus for beautiful home and outdoor wares (follow their Twitter for updates) and come back soon for another post!

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