Saturday, 28 July 2012

Entering the World of Fanfiction

As it is the summer holidays, I have generally been doing nothing.

And I don't like that feeling of nothingness.

So, being the bored teenager I am, I have decided to do something with my time. I have decided to write fan fiction. I know, EVERYONE IS DOING IT, but I thought that after writing like this for an audience, I could work with the readers I already have.

I am working on a Hunger Games fiction at the moment, and because we don't know much about her I wanted to write about Foxface. Working with the information we already have, I shall try to come up with the best 'history' to her life as I can. 

It is certainly a work in progress, but after buying my first 'proper' writer's notebook I got a bit excited and felt the need to use it straight away.

(To the left: My new Notebook) 

Would you like a sneak peek? (NOT the final version)

'I know what they all call me.
In the arena, little do they know their whispers and muffled voices that are so hard to hear back in their districts are projected and enhanced to violent shrieks of abuse in the Games.

Just because I don't talk, it doesn't mean that I can't listen. Foxface. I feel like spitting on the ground every time I hear one of those incompetent District 12 loonies let it past their lips.
Why are they allowed to judge me, yet not share a conversation with me? More fool me I suppose - for wanting to talk to those who mock me for the colour of my hair and are my potential killers.

Still, I don't think it matters any more; I'm planning to kill them first.'

That's all you're getting! 

It is my first fan fiction and so I don't want to spoil it.

Hope you liked it!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

1 Month Anniversary!

I thought the blogs month anniversary better go off with a bang, and why not it be the explosion of ovaries with a picture of Josh Hutcherson, aka Peeta in The Hunger Games?

First of all, thanks a bunch for getting me to over 1000 within the first month. I know I constantly spam you with the link to this site, but hey: if I didn't then you wouldn't have found me!

I would also like to say a few personal thank you's to some people on Twitter:

1. @Team_Haymitch, because this girl has been supporting me since day one and also spammed you all with the links to my site (she even did it today, bless her). She was also my first proper 'Twitter Friend' on this account, so I thank you very much and offer you a virtual hug in return for your hard work.

2. @HGRebels was the girl who inspired me to do the 'Summer Challenge' with her lovely tweets. She has also supported me for a long time and continues to do so, THANKS!

3. @tridentgirl62, thank you simply for making my day today and sending me numerous THG pictures. Some of them really made me laugh!

I could mention so many others but I haven't got the time - go on my Twitter page and follow them and everyone else!

That's all folks, I shall be writing a proper post in a bit.

Thank you again,
The Book Critic x

Monday, 23 July 2012

More ideas for the 'Summer Challenge'

Oh look, I seemed to think that I was a photographer again.

Don't worry, its probably just a phase.

Seeing as none of you have taken my advice to do the Summer Challenge with your friends and make someone smile; potentially making their whole day better, I thought you were in need of a few more ideas.

And even if you feel embarrassed to do it in town or where there are many people, there is always a lampost on your street or a window of a friend's house available to make someone... even just one person happy.

I am only doing them around the house because I am supposed to be anonymous... even to my own family.

Like seriously, no-one knows who I am.

Two of these were taken on my violin book, because it is a happy song and again, I thought I was some fancy photographer at the time with my Blackberry.

Oh, the shame.

Anyway, I really do hope you spread the word about the Summer Challenge, and join me tomorrow in celebrating a month of this blog!

What a fun Coincidence

I was just in my room making a catastrophic attempt to tidy it after spending the last month swimming in the mess, and I realised something...

I can't fit all of my books on my bookshelf.

Now, since there's no such thing as having 'too many books' I thought there must be another alternative to letting my most prized possessions chill on the floor for another year.

And, with deep sadness, I found the two years worth of SHOUT Magazine occupying serious bookshelf space. So, however much I hated doing it, the mags had to go. Although, I am still shifting through them with scissors in an attempt to make my bare wall seem 'cooler'.

Now, I can't exactly remember whether it was this morning or not, but I sent Shout Magazine a tweet to say how surprised I was when a day after starting the 'Summer Challenge' I bought their latest issue and found that they too were raising people's confidence levels with sticky notes.

While taking a break from cutting up said magazines issues, I got a Twitter notification on my phone. This was it:

I was literally staring at my phone screen like it was playing a prank on me - they have actually read the blog! And I felt proud that after not even a month of blogging (it will be tomorrow though) my favourite magazine has read and approved of my blog.

So, even though I had to tidy my room, I got quite the treat afterwards.

Excuse me while I go and try to shake the smile off my face,
The Book Critic x

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Review: Blue Moon, The Immortals, by Alyson Noel

This is the second book in the series and things seem to be looking up for Ever.

Damen is back in her life (and there to stay for the rest of eternity), Haven is no longer attending numerous anonymous addiction groups per week as she is in a stable relationship and Miles has got the lead role in the school musical 'Hairspray'.

But just as she is settling down to a life without visits from her dead sister Riley and trying not to grieve over the loss of her family, a new boy appears on the scene. And if it weren't for her immortal powers, she would get along with him just as well as everyone else.

Then again, she isn't like everyone else.

She only puts off questioning the strangeness of Roman however because even her immortal soul mate Damen doesn't suspect anything. He seems to like him. In fact, he is pretty much ignoring her whenever Roman's around.

But her instincts lead her to another theory when Roman gives Miles some salve to put on a nasty zit a few days before the premier of the school musical. For those of you who have read the first book, it appears to be the same type of salve that nearly killed Haven after Damens ex Drina gave it to her for her infected snake tattoo.

If that isn't enough to get your skin crawling, things suddenly go from bad to worse when Damen starts sweating, having head-aches and  becomes extremely ill.

Which is weird, because immortals don't get ill.

If you took my advice and read the first of the series, then this tale will be even more gripping than the prequel. Summerland seems like paradise and the description in the book is simply amazing, but as the saying goes...

There is always trouble in Paradise.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Summer Challenge Ideas!

These are only ideas for the Summer Challenge that I created earlier today because I thought you may be a bit confused as to what to write on the sticky notes.

The first one was the simplest idea that I wouldn't insult your intelligence with by explaining. We are all pretty and I thought some people needed reminding.

The second one applies to Potterheads who wish to share some Harry Potter love. This one just kind of came to me and I thought that it would be a more personal one to put up around your area.

The third one isn't as good but it earned the setting of my bookshelf so now it looks important. My writing is terrible but I designed this one quickly and teens would still be appreciative of it whatever your handwriting style.

The final one for today is one of my favourites and should win some kind of award for the best sticky note to sit on my hand or something. This is what I refer to every time I become paranoid that someone in school is talking about me. Even though they may not be, I always think that even if they are; their words cannot hurt me and I shouldn't care what they are saying in the first place.
Just to clarify, I am serious about this challenge, and if anybody does care about this enough to actually do it with their friends one day then please take a picture and share it with me on Twitter.

I look forward to hearing about it!

The Book Critic x

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Summer Challenge

Hello everyone, I write bearing a suggestion for a challenge I wish for you all to do.

It's summer! A time when we all enjoy not being in school but that very fact leaves us with nothing to do and we usually end up feeling very bored.

But this idea will give you something to do while making other people feel better! Someone on Twitter today made this random status:

I call this challenge 'Summer Confidence' and I wish for you all to do it at least once while you are out and about for these next weeks. Do it anywhere - on lamposts, on shop windows in town etc...

I hate the feeling that when it comes to summer, both girls and boys start to stress about their weight just because they think they won't look good in their shorts or bikinis.

Fact: 100% of people who think that they are overweight or that they are not beautiful are wrong.

Size definitely DOESN'T MATTER and I want people to feel confident about their body every season of the year - especially young adults who shouldn't be worrying about their weight. So, I thought that this would be a peaceful and easy way to do it.

And legal. I'm pretty sure it is legal.

I don't know her name in real life, but I thank you @HGRebels for randomly putting this idea into the World for me to find. We shall call this a team effort!

Stay beautiful,
The Book Critic x

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Victory for Dentists Day!

I thought I would share this with all of my Fangirls and Fanboys first, because I love you all very much. I have wonderful news!

Today, at 2:30PM, I got my braces taken off.

And this is big for me, because I have had them on for three years.


Anyway, I think I'm due to get a retainer next week, two of which I have had before, so I wanted to note this very special occasion with you all as this my first week of dental freedom after five years of being in and out of the Orthodontist.

Now I can read aloud, sing, and present speeches infront of an audience without the need to feel self-conscious.

I didn't really anyway, but it's nice to know that people can actually see my mouth now.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Review: Evermore, The Immortals by Alyson Noel

Hello everyone! I thought since it is new month, I would post a new book review!

This book is a series of about six books, and for those who love Twilight, you will actually fall in love with this series as I did.

And if you don't like Twilight? Who cares? Read it anyway!

Ever Bloom is a sixteen year old who had what she thought was the perfect life. She had long blond hair, a cute boyfriend and was one of the most popular girls in school. To add to this, she had a loving family, including a dog.

Well, she still has the long blond hair, but her parents, her sister and her dog all died in a car crash, which she believes that she caused.

Don't worry; I haven't spoiled it for you - the drama has only just begun! Waking up in the hospital, she notices that the nurse has a light pink glow around her body. She notifies the nurse of this but after many physcological tests she learns to keep the unusual findings to herself. Ever later knows that this is an aura that she can see, and only after her dead sister visits her in the night does she realise that she does not have a perfect life anymore.

After all of this, she is forced to live with her auntie, her father's twin sister, in California. Ever doesn't want to draw attention to herself by dressing like she did in her old life, so resorts to hoodies and lipbalm opposed to skinny tops and lipgloss. Still grieving, she just manages to settle in to her new house and school... until a boy, Damen, arrives.

She can't see his aura!

This is strange for her, and even though she doesn't want to she can't help but fall for this 'smouldering' hot boy. Does Damen like her back? Is he what he really say he is? Or will Haven, one of her best friends, actually get the boy she called dibs on?

Read it. Go on. I dare you.