Friday, 25 January 2013

Kendal's Column: Lifescouts #1

'Lifescouts' is a organisation/movement/group which is based on the concept of boy scouts and the badges they receive for completing activities. Here is a video from the 'founder', Alex Day...

You can also see The Book Critics Lifescout achievements by clicking the tab above: 'The Book Critics Lifescout Badges'

I am going to share my badge collecting experiences by doing a Lifescout post on the last Friday of every month starting now. I will include up too 4 badges in each post but this may increase as more and more badges become available to achieve. Here are some of my first Lifescout badges-

I must have been about 4/5 when I first went swimming. I loved it (this may have been something to do with my obsession for the little mermaid) except I always swallowed the water and then got tummy ache.
Fast forward to when I was 8 and my primary school took us swimming every Tuesday afternoon to the local pool. I , not to blow my own trumpet, was placed in the deep end. I continued taking after school lessons until I was about 10 then it began to collide with another after school activity and I had to choose and swimming lost. 
I still enjoy swimming and I still swim when I'm on holiday I just think I'd been swimming for long enough as a hobby and wanted to try new stuff. 
My best experience when swimming was when I swam in a heated, volcanic part of the ocean which was like a hot spring.

Top of the Eiffel Tower
It was the summer of 2011 and me and family were going to the south of France for our summer holiday. We went by train so we decided we'd spend a couple of days in Paris. So naturally i dragged my family to the Eiffel tower at 9 o'clock at night. Unfortunately, we didn't check the weather...there was a FRICKING THUNDERSTORM but we didn't die. It had to be the biggest thunderstorm I'd ever seen but it was beautiful: Paris stretching out in all directions, illuminated only by the streetlights and the omnipresent lightning.

French Language.
I spent 4 years of my life trying to learn French but it just never clicked with me. I still know a few things but no where near enough to get me anywhere in life. I'm now taking Spanish at GCSE as my mother influenced me into taking a language, a decision i know regret as a have come to the discovery I am DEFINITELY NOT A LINGUIST. I'm not saying that languages are difficult for everyone it's that they're not easy FOR ME, personally. 

Fortunately I have never had to use this and I really hope I don't have too. 
In the summer term of Year 6, after we'd all taken our last tests of primary school we, for some reason, had some spare time when everyone else was having maths. The teachers then decided to fill this time by giving us a first aid course. 
We were the first year in the school to ever do this and I think it was a great idea because I don't think I'd have learnt how to do CPR safely anywhere else unless I became a teacher (the children's education would be appalling if I became I teacher)

ALSO I have had an idea to include my favourite song-of-the-moment at the end of every Kendal's Column. 
Here are Imagine Dragons with It's Time.

Album available in the UK on 1st April
Happy Friday!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Review: The review of Dan Howell and Phil Lester on BBCR1

I fooled you into thinking this was going to be a book review, didn't I?

But no. This is a different kind of review that I felt needed to be shared.

If you don't know much about Dan Howell and Phil Lester, where have you been? Outside?

I won't go into them that much, because there is way too much to be said about them. But, if you are ever roaming around Youtube one day and suddenly get the feeling to watch something in any way connected to Delia Smith, llamas, and placentas... Dan and Phil are your guys.

The 'Phandom' as we are called to Dan and Phil, got the shock of our lives last night. After trying to recover from the amazing rollercoaster ride that was their radio show, a reporter for The Guardian posted her review of the BBCR1 duo. If you haven't seen the post, it's not worth your time, but if you would like to read it then you can read it here .

When I say it's not worth your time, I mean it in the least offensive way possible. But apart from the fact that it is uninformative, it is just really BADLY WRITTEN.

I was sat reading it last night and my first reaction was:

And then I thought carefully about it, and all that article represents is one woman who doesn't like the way Dan and Phil look so she is sat at her computer like:

Her job is to write, so if you think about it then the situation must have been that she needed something to write for a deadline and pretty much wrote the easiest thing that came to her. Although, I still didn't appreciate the comments she wrote such as this:

"For much of the show we just saw Dan (assertive, mild attack of the Biebers in the hair department) and Phil (nerdy, same haircut) talking on the mics. There were a couple of in-studio pranks, notably wrapping each other with clingfilm, but essentially, the talky bits of the show were like any talky bits of any Radio 1 show, except the presenters were face on to the camera and appeared to have a combined age of 14."

I think that was the paragraph that physically hurt me the most. As can be seen by my numerous tweets to The Guardian here.

Ahh, now let's go on to that. The woman in question, Miranda Sawyer, obviously didn't realise how many Danosaurs and Phillions (the official names of the two Phandoms) there really are. So, after posting the somewhat harsh article, she received plenty of hate from the however many hundreds of thousands of fans. I tried not to be hurtful in my own tweets to her and I did manage to apologise for many overreactions, but it doesn't stop me from hating the article as much as another Phandom member. 

However hard she tries to deny it, there is certainly no denying that she knew exactly what she was writing and how that was going to effect Dan and Phil. If Dan and Phil get hurt, then we feel it too - no matter how childish it may sound to someone like Miranda Sawyer.

This article was meant to be commenting on a radio show, and yet the first thing she picks up on is the way Dan and Phil look. In any normal radio show, looks would never be a problem, so in my opinion she had no right to say that they have 'Bieber' haircuts and the very poorly backed up opinion she has of Phil being the 'nerdy' one of the two. So that was her first mistake. Poor evidence and looking to match a face with the radio.

Her second, and probably biggest mistake, was choosing the people she was going to take her opinions out on. 

This is Dan Howell:

But most of his fans will know him to have added cat whiskers and signature llama hat. 

This is Phil Lester:

Again, he could normally be seen out and about with cat whiskers on his face and a toy lion on his shoulder.

Attractive boys, right?

Exactly. You look at the faces and automatically assume that this is all the Phandom like them for. Attractive, but certainly not boys. Dan is 21 while Phil is turning 26 at the end of January. I would hardly call this a combined age of 14.

Don't you see? I gave you a little bit of information about them too. This information, if not combined with the pictures, would make you think that they are seven year old boys. 

But they're not. They are incredible people who have not only got the recognition they deserve but who have adoring fans who will support them on any decision they make throughout their careers. Their videos and amazing amount of interaction with fans has helped people out of depression and other genuinely tough times in their lives. They would do anything for their fans and so many thousands of people respect them for that. 

Their videos, which I would hardly call 'daft', are of a funny nature and they open up to us because they know that they can trust us. The Phandom is unlike any other fan base that I have encountered and I love everyone who I talk to through Twitter because of it. 

Dan and Phil are hilarious, amazing people, but most of all they are OUR hilarious and amazing people.

Whatever anyone writes about them, we will support them. We are a strong group of people, and if you think that one review is going to break us then you can prepare to think again.

To Miranda Sawyer: I still respect your choices on posting the review, but that doesn't mean I can't dislike it. You obviously judged Dan and Phil too quickly, and with them only having four hours of proper air time on the radio I can understand why you didn't receive enough information. 

I think I shall stop this rant now, and allow you to carry on with your previously scheduled lives on the internet. 

Besides, Dan has a new video uploading today - so I suppose I will talk to you all on the other side of that.

The Book Critic x

(Here are some screenshots from the radio show yesterday, in case you missed it.)

Friday, 18 January 2013

Kendal's Column: The Uglies- Scott Westerfeld

A dystopian novel set in an eerie version of our future world.
With our time long gone and only read about in history books, the future is run by a government that dictates what people look like as a form of controlling the nations peace.
On each citizens 16th birthday they undergo drastic plastic surgery  changing their natural 'ugly' looks into a stunningly beautiful 'Pretty' where your aim ,as a Pretty, is to have as much fun as possible.

Fan Art
Tally, 15, is counting down the days until she can become pretty and walk the streets of new pretty town herself (legally that is). Unfortunately, as one of the youngest in her school year, she will be one of the last in her to become pretty. 
With Pretties and Uglies separated and all her friends already pretty, Tally spends her days playing 'Ugly tricks'(pranks).
But Tally makes a new friend  in the final weeks leading up to her operation. 
Shay, a girl who has other ideas about becoming a pretty, has heard whispers.
When Shay runs away the night before her operation Tally's life is thrown into chaos. Forced to choose between betraying her friend or else never becoming a Pretty.

Kendal's Rating: Friday.
Fan Art
Reading this book was eye-opening and kind of scary because it COULD happen and I think this is what fascinates me about dystopian books, maybe not so much 'The Hunger Games' (because slaughter of children  (or any person) for entertainment should hopefully still be frowned upon) but in theory, yes, these societies may come to exist (but lets hope not). The difference I found between books like The Hunger Games and the Uglies is the Uglies has taken issues in our current society (judging people by looks, prejudice  discrimination etc.) and magnified it so it effects the way the country is run and this scares me...and intrigues me.
The society of the Uglies looks down on our times, seeing us as violent and stupid for all that we have done to the planet e.g Global Warming, weapons of mass destruction, wars and poverty etc. and that the government introducing the operation is a good thing and stopped all the jealousy that caused society's problems.
If this is true, and we are all just jealous, then (as a society) we need to stop gossiping in the playground and get it together.

The book itself was well structured,  there are three parts -stages- to the book. It's really well spread out so we spend time in the pretty world and time with Tally too but the action happens in quick succession so even when we are alone with Tally for about a week we get bored.
There were constant cliffhangers (literally in some cases) and the ending?
I sat in my room for an hour asking myself if authors WANT me to die from pure emotion
So, yes I did buy the second book in the quartet 'Pretties' and I fully intend to finish the series.

Happy Friday! 

Original Sherlock Poem - 'The Fall in our Stars'

So I wrote a poem, and I thought I would share it with you. It still isn't technically the final draft of it but I wanted to know what you thought. This poem is based on BBC's Sherlock but it isn't really; it is my take on the emotions both Sherlock and John are feeling after the last episode. It also has a few loose quotes from John Green's 'The Fault in our Stars' because I thought about the two stories together and how the emotions I'm trying to portray are quite similar.

Here we go... please tell me what you think in the comments.

'The Fall in our Stars'

It’s okay John,
I know what to say,
No other person,
Made me feel that way
It’s not okay Sherlock,
At the end of the day,
You are dead and I’m alive,
It should be the other way
Don’t ever let me hear you say that,
Humans are not built to last,
Hell is my future,
Earth is my past
Hell is my present,
My future looks cold,
We had our infinity,
Or so I’ve been told
Our infinity was short,
But it was ours to keep,
Now please just forget me,
And go back to sleep
When I go back to sleep,
I will make sure not to wake,
Infinity without you,
Is too much to take
Stop saying these things,
Don’t do what I did,
Your presence alone,
Made me feel like a kid
There’s a fault in our stars
And you’re the missing hero,
When I look to the sky,
I see zero
I’m no angel,
Don’t think for one second I am,
You heard Richard Brook,
I’m a fake of a man
Moriarty is real,
I will always believe,
I miss you like hell,
And my heart’s on my sleeve,
Put it away,
Lay me to rest,
You deserve to be happy,
I made you depressed
You kept me alive,
You kept me sane,
And without you,
There is only rain
I’m in the sky now,
I’ll turn the rain down,
You are so special,
The best man around
You are the best,
You are my life,
I’m running out of air,
I’ll turn down the lights
If you are sure,
Leave a note first,
I can’t talk any longer,
My heart has burst
We are not lovers,
We are not ours,
Without one another,
There’s fault in our stars
Keep your light on,
Just one second more,
Turn around John,
I’m at the door
I need to see you,
I need that fix,
This is a three patch problem,
Of a different mix
You said you believe,
You’re true to your word,
Believe me when I say this,
I’m still on this Earth
Moriarty was clever,
Moriarty was true,
But if you were here,
He would have found you
Richard Brook is dead,
How stupid can you be,
If you take your own life,
You will never see me,
I’m walking to the kitchen,
I’m finding a knife,
I may have a gun,
But you have my life
Let me in John,
Don’t leave me at the door,
Find me in yourself,
Or I’ve lost this war
I was in war,
I’m used to death,
But with you gone,
I’m out of breath

I’m crushed of hope,
My light has gone,
I love you Sherlock,
I love you John.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Kendal's Column: I Organized My Life...I Mean Blog Posts.

This week has been, phenomenally busy, I've had GCSE's, results for GCSE's, revision, coursework, broken heel bones and just STUFF.

In the UK when you reach Year 10 (equivalent of a Freshman Year in american high schools- when you're 14 turning 15) you suddenly get hundreds of pieces of coursework to do and sometimes it all becomes bit of a blur and you're left thinking 'What the hell am I doing? where am I? what is this?' when your doing your work.
Considering that next year it's said to a LOT worse, I've decided to get my act my act together and actually start planning my work.
*Shock Horror* Kendal may actually be prepared for something .
I would recommend doing this as, so far, I have found it incredibly easy for the work to just start building up and the pressures of the work whilst being a professional procrastinator is just not working for me.
The way I went about doing this is by allocating 2 and a half nights(at present) a week where I my brain will be 100% FOCUSED WORK (that means no internet *sobs*) but so far it's going really well- I'm actually on top of my work for once.

I'm not going to go into too much detail because nobody wants to hear 'The Timetable Of My Life-Work Edition.'
BUT,  I did manage to organize some future posts!
They are very ranged posts from reviews on books (probably The Host next), I have one opinion post, I'm in the process of planning a short story (but that will be a while away) and (NO GUARANTEES) I am thinking of having a small Giveway/Competition but I need to discuss that with The Book Critic as it is her blog and she may planning something herself but do leave your comments below.

Guess who's birthday it was?
SO without further or do...

So I'd just like to say a few words *raises mug of hot chocolate*
The Book Critic is a wonderful, flawless person (even if she denies it) .
She is so kind and try's so hard for this blog and I'm so proud of her and what she's done.
She achieved over 175 views on post,  She has over 11500 views in just under 7 months and I'm damn proud to be her friend (even if it's just via the internet). 
I couldn't be more happy for my little unicorn.
Keep at and I plan to keep being your friend for a long time to come.

Happy Friday!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Kendal's Column:2013- The Year Of The Fangirl!

It's 2013! yay!

I am bursting will excitement because WE ARE IN THE SAME YEAR AS CATCHING FIRE PEOPLE. CATCHING FIRE is THIS YEAR! AHHHHH! *fangirl overload*
If you're not a fan of The Hunger Games there are still many things to look forward to this year and I have a list of films and books that I ,for one, am so excited for I may explode.
This is not just a list- it's THE LIST.


Films With Release Dates

13th February- Beautiful Creatures (Adapted from the book by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl) Trailer #2
22nd March- The Host (adapted from the book by Stephanie Meyer) Trailer #2
14th August- Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters (Adapted from the book by Rick Riordan)
23rd August- The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Adapted from the book by Cassandra Clare) Trailer
22nd November- The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Adapted from the book by Susan Collins)

Films without ANNOUNCED Release dates that are 'Sometime in 2013'.

13 Reasons Why (adapted from the book by Jay Asher)
Delirium (adapted from the book by Lauren Oliver)
Firelight (adapted from the book by Sophie Jordan)
The Maze Runner (Adapted from the book by James Dashner)
House of Night (adapted from the series by P.C and Kristen Cast)
Vampire academy (adapted from the series by Richelle Mead)

Books SAID to be adapted to film in the future.

Before I fall (adapted from the book by Lauren Oliver)
Blood Red Road (adapted from the book by Moira Young)
The Book Thief (adapted from the book by Markus Zusak) 
Fallen (adapted from the book by Lauren Kate)
Forgotten (adapted from the book by Cat Patrick)
Heist Society (adapted from the book by Ally Carter)
If I Stay (adapted from the book by Gayle Forman)
Uglies (adapted from the book by Scott Westerfeld)
Chaos Walking (2014) (adapted from the series by Patrick Ness)
Divergent (2014) (Adapted from the book by Veronica Roth)
The Scorpio Races (2015) (adapted from the book by Maggie Steifvater)
All information above is found at and is true to the time of this post.


Books that should (if all goes to plan) be released in 2013

5th February: Perfect Scoundrels (Heist Society #3)- Ally Carter
5th March: Requiem (Delirium #3)- Lauren Oliver.
19th March: Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3)- Cassandra Clare
2nd April: Light (Gone #6)- Michael Grant
26th September: Untitled (Divergent #3)- Veronica Roth

These are all the books that I could find that I thought people would be most interested in, I'm sorry if I missed any major releases. For more Young Adult titles to be released in 2013 click here
note: All titles and release dates are to the time of this post.

So 2013 is set to be pretty packed in the fangirl world and I'm just overflowing with feels.
I can't even- i need a moment.

Happy Friday!