Friday, 31 May 2013

Kendal's Column: Lifescouts #5

I'm sorry I've been away for 2 weeks but the fact is that I am a teenager with exams. Unfortunately, I am also in a permanent state of being chaotically organised person-no matter how hard I try to get it together. These two don't go well together but, I HAVE FINISHED MY EXAMS FOR THIS YEAR (may god have mercy on me in Year 11)

Baking Cookies
I baked cookies for the first time on Friday 15th February 2013 and why do I remember the date? It was the Friday before I met @BookFangirling for the first time and I wanted to have something to give her for being amazing. Admittedly, they weren't my best because it was the first time and my oven is stupid so they came out like a single giant square of cookie (sorry @Bookfangirling) BUT I have got a lot better because I started making them on Sundays during Dan and Phil's Radio Show so they got better as I started to figure out how my oven thinks.  
The recipe I use is here and don't worry, they only didn't work at first because I have a fan oven which makes the hot air circulate, messing up predicted cooking times

Tree Climbing 
We have a tree in our garden and ,when I was younger, I climbed it all the time because once you got to the top, there was a place you could sit and then you could see right across to the other side of the valley and in Spring you could see the lambs in the field next to the house without scaring them off. 

Bike Riding 
I learned to ride a (two wheel) bike when i was about 7. My dad took me to the path which lead to my primary school because cars couldn't get down there and that is where i learnt to ride a bike. It also happens to be where I fell of my bike...a lot. 

Happy Friday!

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