Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Waiting on Wednesday: A Game for all the Family by Sophie Hannah

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly spot hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine and involves bloggers spotlighting books that they can't wait to be released later in the year. Today I'm talking about A Game for all the Family by Sophie Hannah, and I am SO EXCITED.


Title: A Game for all the Family
Author: Sophie Hannah
Page Count: 432
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Release Date: 13th August 2015
Format Available: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, Audio CD
Original Language: English
Genre: Adult Horror/Mystery


Justine thought she knew who she was, until an anonymous caller seemed to know better...
After escaping London and a career that nearly destroyed her, Justine plans to spend her days doing as little as possible in her beautiful home in Devon.
But soon after the move, her daughter Ellen starts to withdraw when her new best friend, George, is unfairly expelled from school. Justine begs the head teacher to reconsider, only to be told that nobody's been expelled - there is, and was, no George.
Then the anonymous calls start: a stranger, making threats that suggest she and Justine share a traumatic past and a guilty secret - yet Justine doesn't recognise her voice. When the caller starts to talk about three graves - two big and one small, to fit a child - Justine fears for her family's safety.
If the police can't help, she'll have to eliminate the danger herself, but first she must work out who she's supposed to be...

Why I can't wait

As soon as I saw the blurb I was instantly excited. If you know me, then you'll know I love crime and mystery novels, and if there is horror thrown in too, then I can't contain myself. This novel sounds so Gothic and chilling, and I have heard of Sophie Hannah before but never read her work, so it should be interesting to read this knowing nothing else about her previous work.

This sounds like the type of novel that if you are scared easily, then you probably shouldn't even think of reading. I especially love anything to do with the paranormal, and since there looks as though there are going to be mentions of ghosts/spirits, I am soooo going to have to pre-order this!

Does anyone else like horror and crime novels? Do like the sound of this book? Let me know!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Author Interview: Gerry Fostaty

Hello! I haven't done an author interview in quite a long time (this is 100% my fault) and so I thought I had better get back into the swing of things. 

You might remember that I interviewed Gerry Fostaty a couple of years ago and today he is back with a new novel. I was allowed to interview him again and so I thought I would ask him a bit about his new book Stage Business and also about how he finds being an author.

I will be reading StagBusiness and reviewing it soon, but in the mean time you can buy it either on Kindle or as a paperback. It has had a lot of positive reviews on Amazon already so I suggest checking it out!

If you want to know more about Gerry or his book, you can contact him on his Twitter which is @gfostaty

1. What is your new novel about?

"Michael Dion is a struggling actor who just got a plum gig working in a prominent theatre company. He can't believe his luck. He is immediately drawn to Amanda, the lead actress in the new show they are rehearsing. He never seems to be able to have the right moment, however, to invite her out for coffee or lunch. Suddenly she approaches him with a request to help find her friend's son who has gone missing. Michael immediately jumps at the chance to help, if only as an effort to create a dialogue between him and Amanda. It all goes downhill from there, of course. Helping out Amanda gets Michael involved with petty criminals, rave culture, and a small drug war. The only way out is for Michael to enlist the help of his colleagues in the theatre company, and their bag of theatrical tricks and devices."

2. Can you describe the main character, Michael?

"Michael is a typical struggling actor. He is constantly looking for his next job, while honing his skills and trying to maintain the discipline that actors need to keep afloat financially, and creatively. He is honest, but finds that sometimes people make assumptions about him, and sometimes he doesn't correct them if it fits his purpose. He is somewhat uncomfortable about that. He, like many other actors, lives in a world outside that of the general public. The actors' life is a constant study of personalities, subtleties of language, and the maintenance of multiple, shifting personas. He understands that it is a struggle to balance it all. One thing he and his theatre colleagues are unaware of, is the formality of their speech in comparison to other people. It makes them a bit conspicuous."

3. What gave you the idea for this novel?

"I had just launched my first book AS YOU WERE, when my literary agent suggested that I try my hand at a mystery. I had worked in the theatre for twenty years, so it was only natural that I set the book in a world in which I was familiar."

4. Who was your favourite character to create?

"Each of the characters was a joy to create, and they all seemed to emerge naturally. I really like Bid, the stage manager, and. Tamara the costume and props co-ordinator. They really represent the resourcefulness of the technical people in the theatre, and they are indispensable to the story."

5. Where is this book set?

"The book is set in Toronto, Canada. I worked in the theatre there for a long time, and I was easily able to place it there. It could have been anywhere, or nowhere in particular, but I think a story needs to be set somewhere concrete, with an identity. I have done a few films and read a few books that were set in fictional cities, and I think it becomes a distraction for the viewer or reader to be looking for benchmarks or reference points to identify the place. It is much easier for the reader to establish the place early, and give life to the setting, almost as a tertiary character."

6. When is this book set?

"The story is very much right now, although the way life and technology changes so rapidly, maybe I should say the day before yesterday. It was a challenge to represent current technology, knowing that it will undoubtedly change soon. For that reason, I made Michael's phone and laptop conspicuously old."

7. Where there any characters that you thought were just created naturally?

"All the characters seemed to emerge organically. By that I mean I tried to represent the archetypes found in most theatre companies. Anyone who has worked on stage will readily identify with the characters, and I think, their day to day situations."

8. Are there any shocking moments or surprises in the narrative that readers will not be ready for?

"There are no vampires, werewolves or wizards; this is a story about ordinary people who find themselves in an extraordinary situation, which can only be resolved through their cunning, resourcefulness and a few office supplies-That's all I'm saying. . ."

9. Are you planning on writing any more novels after this one?

"I have a few ideas, and I am certainly looking to write another book, but I have been getting letters and comments that indicate there should be a sequel to Stage Business. Let me know what you think."

10. Do you have any advice for those writing a book in the same genre?

"Read. That really is the most important thing. And read something in every genre. You will never know what important piece of information will stick with you and inspire an idea that will take root and grow into a great story."

Thanks Gerry! Its always nice interviewing you and seeing what you're up to next. 

Here is his book trailer as well, in case you're still unsure about buying the book:

I hope you enjoyed this interview, and if you are an author reading this, I will happily interview you too! All details are on my 'Author FAQ' page.

I'll have another author interview up as soon as I can!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Review: The Secret Fire by CJ Daugherty and Carina Rozenfeld

Title: The Secret Fire
Author: CJ Daugherty and Carina Rozenfeld
Cover Artist: Typeset by M Rules
Publisher: Atom books
Release Date: 10th September 2015
Genre: YA Supernatural Fiction
Page Count: 432 
Original Language: English
Format Read: Paperback ARC
Other books in series: The Secret City
Movie Adaptation: N/A (but I would love to see this)

Where you can buy it:  AmazonThe Book DepositoryWaterstones,

I was given a proof copy of The Secret Fire by Atom Books a couple of weeks ago in exchange for an honest review. I am so happy that they sent me this book, as I have become a tiiiiiny bit obsessed. I'm so grateful for the chance to review it!


Taylor Montclair is a regular girl from the quiet backwater of Woodbury, England.
Sacha Winters is a darkly mysterious boy from the City of Lights - Paris, France. 
While Taylor's focussed on her dream of attending Oxford University, school couldn't be further from Sacha's mind . . .
Sacha knows exactly when he's going to die. Because he's done it before.
On the appointed day, Sacha's time will run out. And his death will fulfil an ancient destiny that could unleash chaos and catastrophe.Taylor is the only person who can save him. Neither of them knows that yet. Because they haven't even met.
Hundreds of miles and a body of water separate them.
Deadly forces will stop at nothing to keep them apart.
They have eight weeks to find each other and unravel an ancient web of mystery and danger.
The clock starts NOW.

*SPOILER ALERT: This review does not assume you have read the book* 

I'm just going to start off by saying that this book will always have a special place in my heart since it is my very first ARC that I have ever received. This fact, however, will not manipulate my view of it as a piece of literature.

I didn't know what I was going to make of this book since it isn't something I'd usually pick up, even though it is of the supernatural genre. Thankfully, I didn't miss it, because I am so glad to have read it now.

The novel begins with French boy Sacha performing all kinds of crazy stunts for money since he can't die, and his friend tries to exploit this, although he assumes Sacha uses trickery to survive the falls he jumps. I instantly connected with this character, not because he reminds me of myself (which he certainly doesn't) but because his character was just written really well. 

On the other side of the ocean in England is Taylor, a studious girl with a best friend who loves to gossip and a boyfriend who happens to be the most popular guy in school. This I really liked, because she wasn't your typical 'nerdy' protagonist, and was a really strong feminist figure in my opinion. If there was ever a film adaptation, I would sooo cosplay her.

Taylor's English teacher tells her that she must be Sacha's English tutor and teach him via email, which would be fair enough... if Sacha didn't already speak perfect English. So something is definitely wrong, and this novel explores the reasons as to why Taylor and Sacha both should and shouldn't meet. 

The imagery was strong in this book, and so I could fully immerse myself in the plot. I just love books like that - it gives you a clear enough description of everything that you can almost imagine yourself in Paris with Sacha and Taylor. This was enough on its own to keep my interest.

I also loved the collaboration on this project! I am a keen French learner and being able to see the influence of English and French writing made me really happy and comfortable with this book. There are even some French words and phrases thrown in, and if you speak limited French like me you should be able to spot the curse words! Their ideas didn't conflict at all and I couldn't tell where Daugherty's writing ended and Rozenfeld's writing began, which is a sign of a good collab. 

There are just a couple of things that I felt were stopping me from completely loving it, but it didn't have a huge effect on my enjoyment of the book overall. 

For me, as someone who has read a heck of a lot of books, the romance element of the novel was predictable and didn't excite me (but the rest of the book did). It brought nothing to the plot in its early stages, and I thought it could have developed a bit more naturally. It seemed as though, despite the protagonists only talking on a forum in the first chapters, that they were falling for each other. This wasn't brought in gradually, and so felt strange to read so early on in the book. However, I completely understand why a romance would eventually blossom, since the story works on the basis that they have such a strong emotional bond.

Additionally, there were a couple of clumsy phrases near the beginning which thankfully didn't carry on throughout the rest of the book. One that really stood out for me was from Taylor's point of view: "His cheekbones were ridiculous". Arrgh! I'm not even sure what that's supposed to mean. Were they good cheekbones? Just the right amount of cheekbone? Or Benedict Cumberbatch 'no-need-for-a-knife-because-there-are-two-on-his-face' cheekbones? 

Despite these two minor issues I had, I still found myself wailing in frustration when I'd finished the last page of the book. I need the sequel. Much like a caffeine addict needs their morning coffee, I need to know what happens to these characters who I have found myself attached to. Sacha only had eight weeks to live at the beginning of the book - don't make me wait eight months for the second instalment! 

Overall, I really liked this book, and I think most people can overlook the issues I had with it. I wish I could have done the same, but I guess that's what three years of blogging and reviewing has done to me! I hope Daugherty and Rozenfeld have a lot of success with this book, because they really deserve it for the brilliant writing. I've given it 4/5 cups of tea!

PS: Here's a tip for anyone who decides to read this - look out for the Taylor Swift reference! 

About the authors:

A former crime reporter, political writer and investigative journalist, Daugherty now a full-time novelist. She has previously worked for several US newspapers, including the Savannah Morning News and the Dallas Morning News. In addition, she has written several books about travel in Paris and Ireland for Time Out and Frommers. Night School was her first fiction novel.

Carina Rozenfeld (born February 13, 1972 in Paris) is a French author who writes children's books in the science-fiction and fantasy genres. In 2004, her first novel Lucille et les dragons sourds was published. 

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Saturday: Last year's holiday book haul and what you've missed

All photos are from my Instagram @bookfangirlingblogger
I realise that I'm a whole year late with this and oh god oh god I can't express how sorry I am. But I'm away again in France right now and so since I can't get to a laptop I wanted to show you what I got last year and make up for the fact that I probably won't be purchasing many books in France, since many of my readers are English, but I will try and pick up a few. That's what you've missed!

These are the books that I picked up in Dorset last year, as far as I can remember!

Editor's sidenote: some may be from my 2013 Dorset trip, but I honestly can't tell you.

The first books I want to show you are the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver, which I hadn't heard of last year, but now understand that a lot of people really like it. I haven't read it yet, but is it worth reading? Tell me in the comments whether it is or not! I've not been in the mood to read it as of yet. 

Next in the haul are two books that I've already read! I've actually already posted reviews of One Day and The Rosie Project so if you click on the book titles they will take you to those in a new window. I would recommend them!

These are two books that it turns out I don't actually need, but I still want to read them in time. I originally bought them for my Extended Project in school but I changed my topic and so I didn't get round to reading them! I still love them though, as they are so interesting. The Story of Writing tells the history of language (which I'm really interested in) whilst Egyptian Magick is a 'magic' book.

These two crime novels below were given to me by one of my aunties who was giving the books away but let me have a look through them first! And you know how much I loooooove crime novels. I am still yet to read these.

Aaaand the last book is another from my auntie. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars is funny stories about what weird things children have said, and it should provide a laugh or two. I haven't read it, but my auntie said that once I have I should pass it on to a friend, ans so I might do that. It is a petite book and a short read!

Does anyone own any of these books? Do you like the look of the last book about what strange things kids have said?

Let me know!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Post-Exam Bullet Journal Update

All photos are from my Twitter @bookfangirling and my Insta @bookfangirlingblogger


So a while ago I made a post about my bullet journal which I started in January of this year, and I started it mainly to keep track of my homework and essays that I had to do since from 16-18 years old you don't get a planner in my school. Or I just didn't want one at the time. Which I obviously came to regret.

I got this plain notebook from Paperchase and I used it for six months for planning my homework and revision. This actually went better than I thought it would, as I only missed out a couple of days in total, and I just assumed I'd get bored of it after a while.

I stuck to it pretty well, and I found it so useful for organisation. I could also write personal tasks as well as school tasks, and my day would generally run a lot smoother because I was so determined to fill in the little boxes when a task was complete. 

I used pictures of Taylor Swift as motivation (see my first post on my bullet journal) and included envelopes that I could open "for when you're [insert terrible emotion]". I didn't manage to open most of these envelopes and do many of the activities in them, but that was just because of the time.

They were just silly things like 'eat Nutella' or 'play Animal Crossing on your DS' but it was nice to know they were there if I needed a break.

At the end of every month I did a reflection type-thingy and wrote about what I achieved, what I didn't achieve, and what I want to achieve in the next month. This helped me to set goals and know what I need to improve on each month. Again, they were not all about school:

I am still using my bullet journal now as I have some blank pages to fill, but since I have finished school I don't do it everyday. 

If I have a really busy blogging day with a lot of posts to draft or books to complete and write up a review of, I'll plan in in my journal. Or, if I have a friend coming over the next day, I'll write down what I have to do to prepare for that. It is more personal than academic now:

I didn't think I'd get this far with it, as I thought it would just be another Tumblr craze, but I genuinely think it helps! No bullet journal is the same and you personalise it to your life, so you can have as many unique pages in it as you want. You can even make it look pretty, but I'm no artist and I couldn't be bothered when I had exams to think about.

Does anyone else use a bullet journal or want to use one? Did you not like the idea of it at first?

I will make another bullet journal update as soon as possible, but that might be when I'm starting university!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Waiting on Wednesday: Old School (Diary of a Wimpy Kid book 10) by Jeff Kinney

I know that this isn't a YA novel, but c'mon. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is, for me, a timeless classic that gets young people reading. A great example of this theory is my brother, who not only has read all of the Wimpy Kid books to date but it is the only book series he has ever been interested in and has been bothered to read. So this week I'm waiting on the new book which is bound to be a best-seller!


Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School
Author: Jeff Kinney
Page Count: 240
Publisher: Puffin
Release Date: 3rd November 2015
Format Available: Hardcover, Kindle
Original Language: English
Genre: Children's Fiction


Life was better in the old days. Or was it?
That's the question Greg Heffley is asking as his town voluntarily unplugs and goes electronics-free. But modern life has its conveniences, and Greg isn't cut out for an old-fashioned world.
With tension building inside and outside the Heffley home, will Greg find a way to survive? Or is going 'old school' just too hard for a kid like Greg?

Why I can't wait

To all of those who bash Wimpy Kid for no constructive reason or who are reading this and thinking that, as an 18 year old, I shouldn't be excited for this book:

I read the books that my brother owned a few years back and I loved them. I was about 15 or 16 at the time, and although these are meant to be books for pre-teens, I found them absolutely hilarious and the writing was great too. 

Its not a 'normal' children's book, that's for sure. And I can't wait for this release because I think there is something important about them in their universal readability which encourages anyone and everyone to read them and get excited about books. 

I was looking back on my blog today (not technically today as I've scheduled this post, but on the 9/7/15) and I came across my first blog post which said that I wanted to encourage more people to enjoy reading and love it as much as I do. And in this spirit, Wimpy Kid is the best book to make more people discover that reading is fun.

Who else is excited for this? How old were you when you last read a Wimpy Kid book? Make sure to tell me in the comments!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Saturday: Cheeky Waterstones book and M&S Notebook haul

All photos are from my Insta @bookfangirlingblogger

I promised you a very cheeky (cue the Nandos 'cheeky' British jokes) book haul and I seem to have not gone back on my word. This book haul is a collection of books from Waterstones and Marks and Spencers

All of the following books are from Waterstones, whilst the two notebooks are from M&S. 

The first book I got, a couple of weeks ago from Waterstones, is Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher, as she had been to my 'local' branch to talk and left some signed copies for others to buy. I managed to pick one up!

Then I got an extra copy of Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter which I have talked about here, here, and here. Since I already had one, when I got one at the signing I gave it to my friend, and now we both have one!

Love Letters to the Dead is one of two that I purchased today from the same Waterstones, as I have had this in my Amazon basket for about a year and never got round to ordering it. I'm so happy I finally have it!

Unspeakable by Abbie Rushton is one that I had never actually heard about before, and I saw it in my Waterstones today. The premise is really interesting (and much like an idea for a novel that I once had a couple of years ago but never wrote?!) and so I think it will be a different read than usual.

Then I got two notebooks from Marks and Spencer! They were £6 each, and so although not cheap for their actual size, they are still so cute, go well together, and were worth the money instantly! 

The first one is A5 size and has 'My cup of Tea' on the front, and this is such a clever idea for a notebook. It has a hole in the cover so that you can rest your cup of tea inside it like a coaster! I absolutely had to buy it. It was calling out to me. I just really love tea.

The final item in my haul is the smaller notebook that you will see on the right of the picture of them together, and I didn't think there was anything special about this at first. 

However, when I opened it, there were mini activities such as questions and tick boxes on the right hand side, opposite the days of the week, much like a 'wreck this journal' but much more random. Here is an example:

I reeeeeally love this notebook. It is like a mini organiser with fun activities to do. I am going to enjoy writing in these! I think I might use them for blog planners.

In terms of what you've missed, I created a blog award! And that is all of the exciting news I have.

Do you have a favourite notebook? Are there any of the books I included in my haul that you want too?

Let me know in the comments!

Have a lovely day or night, wherever you are :)

Friday, 17 July 2015

Kendal's Column: #DearMe- A Letter to my 11 year old self

A few weeks months back, @BookFangirling did the #DearMe-letter to my 14 year old self so i thought i'd give it a stab too but instead of 14 i'm going a write to my 11 year old self because they need it A LOT more than me at 14.

Dear Me,

Hello, i'm just going to jump right in. 
You're about to start high school and you're kinda scared you're going to end up do something stupid, making a fool of yourself and, therefore, be forced to drop out and live as a Peruvian sheep herder for the remainder of your days in order to avoid the crippling embarrassment of facing your peers again, not to mention the mortal terror of losing your primary school friends AND, god forbid, having to navigate life with no one you know by your side. 
All of these things happen (well not the sheep herding thing but, hey, I'm only 17). 
I'm the last person in the world who would lie to you so trust me when i tell you that whilst you are in for a hell of a time it gets SO. MUCH. BETTER.
There are going to be days where you don't want to get out of bed for a week and you can't bare the thought of facing the beige walls of a classroom and nights where you feel so alone it scares you but know that there will come a day where you get out of bed and you'll realise everything has somehow changed. You've somehow surrounded yourself with the biggest bunch of losers in the world but you love them all and they'll give you the best years of your li- you're vomiting at the sappiness aren't you?

We'll stop with the sappiness and talk about the cold hard facts.

From me to you: stop being embarrassed. You are weird and thats more than fine- be unapologetically you. You're missing out on so much because you're too shy or embarrassed. Getting hate? shake it off (also patent that for reasons). You'll be having so much more fun than people who are too judgemental to join the parteyy. Make them jealous of the fun you're having.

You should also know that nothing is final and changing your mind is sometimes how you figure out the right choice. In my own experience, don't value everyone else's opinion so much. Their happiness doesn't equate to your own, lines blur sometimes but just take some time and figure out what YOU really want and it'll be SO obvious and you'll save so much time later. Don't do something you hate just to fit a mould. Challenge your own limits, reshape and redesign the mould but breaking it entirely is going to set you back in the long run. 

This probably doesn't make a lot of sense right now but a time will come when you too wish you knew then what you know now.

Have fun!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Reading Music: Dodie Clark

Oh my goodness, I haven't done a Reading Music in such a long time!

For those who are not familiar with this thing that I do (which I completely understand because, you know, its been a while) then I showcase some music that I've been loving that would be perfect for putting on in the background as you read.

I know that some people can't fully concentrate when they read, and so to help them do so I recommend music. Its hard to read when life gets in the way, or you're stressed, and so you can use it as white noise or just something to calm you down when trying to get into a good book.

Dodie Clark, also known as doddleoddle on YouTube, is a British YouTuber and is also one of my favourite YouTubers. I found her just over a year ago - where, I don't know, but all I knew was that I loved her voice. I have seen her channel progress over this short amount of time and I'm really happy that she is starting to get the recognition that she deserves.

So, I thought I would share some of her music with you, as it is perfect for relaxing and concentrating on that book that you've wanted to start for so long. 

Also, she is a really talented musician (and good in a crisis?):

The first song I want to share with you is a cover of FourFiveSeconds with Jack Howard, and it is just really lovely and soft and gives you all of the chilled-out feels:

The second is an original song from her called Pas De Deux, which is a sad song meant for the Rise Above campaign, but the song itself is such a beautiful melody that I just had to share with you:

The last song I'll recommend (although I recommend them all, personally) is a cover of La Vie En Rose because I think it is so cute and it allows you to listen whilst read without interruption.

That's all from me today! If you want to check out more of Dodie's music and her vlogs, or just keep up with what she's doing, then her links are below.

YouTube Channel          Twitter          Facebook          Instagram          Tumblr

If you love her a lot, you can even become a Patreon and support Dodie with her future music and videos!

See you on Saturday with a cheeky Waterstones book and M&S notebook haul!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Waiting on Wednesday: Something only we Know by Kate Long

I'm back with another Waiting on Wednesday! This is a weekly spot hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine and allows bloggers to rave about books that they can't wait to be released later in the year. Today I'm talking about Something only we Know by Kate Long, so let's get started!


Title: Somewhere only we Know
Author: Kate Long
Page Count: 448
Publisher: Simon and Schuster UK 
Release Date: 13th August 2015
Format Available: Paperback, Kindle
Original Language: English
Genre: Romance


Sometimes a secret is too big to hide... 

Jen is a trainee journalist working on Chester's local paper, dreaming of something bigger. Her sister, Helen, is beautiful but damaged, and hides a secret that has affected the whole family, one they cannot escape but one she is trying to move on from. 

As Helen learns to become a whole person once again, her family struggles with the past, and how they will move forward together. And Jen realises that the one person she needs to help her through is the one person she cannot have - Helen's boyfriend, Ned...

Why I can't wait

I'll be honest, the first thing that drew me to this book is the cover. But looking into it some more, its sounds really interesting. It will also be lovely to read a book set in the North of England, which doesn't crop up as a setting very often, and so I will be interested in reading about a place that I have actually been to before and vaguely know about!

I want to know the secret, and I want to know more about Ned and why he can help Jen so much. That's why I can't wait!

Is anyone else excited for this release? 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The BookFangirling Blog Award!

I am so excited to announce that I have created my own blog award!

I decided to create this award because I felt as though I wasn't telling other bloggers how much I enjoyed reading their blogs enough, and a comment doesn't always do them justice. So, this is to recognise the hard-working book bloggers in our community that deserve to be rewarded and to make them feel loved. We all need some love from time to time!

Also, I thought that there are so many lovely blogs who are fellow fangirls/fanboys and I thought the people who fangirl the hardest over books definitely deserve some recognition!

There is absolutely no pressure to accept this award if you don't want it, as it is completely up to you, but if you aren't going to accept it you do have to pass your award on to one person who would like it and you think is deserving of it.

I'm going to nominate 10 blogs since this is the first time it has been given out, and I would love to give this award to:

Amber @ The Mile Long Book Shelf because she is one of my favourite blogs ever!
Hannah @ The Irish Banana Review because she writes super helpful posts!
Becky @ A Fools Ingenuity because her blog is absolutely gorgeous!
Josiah @ The Bookish Fanboy because his Insta is amazing and I love his blog!
Beth @ All The Bright Places because she is an A+ fangirl!
Pearl @ Bibliopearl because her blog pictures are so pretty! 
Aentee @ Read At Midnight because I am in awe of her blog and she is a fangirl!
Fiona @ A Girl Between the Pages because her blog is adorable!
Beatrice @ Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic because she writes such thorough reviews!
Daniel @ The Blogger's Bookshop because he has a wonderful blog and writes helpful reviews!

If you are nominated for this award by me or another blog that has previously won it, then here's what you have to do. Don't worry, its really simple and quick:

  • Create a post to accept your award
  • Add the blog award button into your post (just save the picture to your computer and upload it) and put it on the side of your blog as a widget
  • Link to me in the post so they know who has given you the award
  • Answer the questions I have set below
  • Nominate between 5-10 book bloggers who you think deserve this award
  • Come up with your own 5 questions for your nominees
  • Link them to this post so that they know the rules
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Monday, 13 July 2015

Review: Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter by Louise Pentland

All Photos are from my Instagram @bookfangirlingblogger
Title: Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter
Author: Louise Pentland
Cover Artist: Louise Pentland and various Stock Images
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release Date: 2nd July 2015
Genre: Lifestyle guide
Page Count: 256
Original Language: English
Format Read: Hardcover
Other books in series: N/A (although I've heard there is a diary on the way?)
Movie Adaptation: N/A (but you can watch her videos!)

As you probably all know, I met Louise Pentland also known as Sprinkle of Glitter last Saturday as part of her book tour, and it was really lovely to see her in real life as well as speak to her. I can confirm she is as lovely in person as she comes across on the internet! I've written a whole post about that here, as this is the review of her book, Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter

Not that many YouTubers that I regularly watch have released books. I know it seems like I'm always including YouTubers in my Waiting on Wednesdays, and of course I am eagerly awaiting Dan and Phil's book, but I can't watch them all! Louise however is someone who I absolutely adore and have watched for a couple of years, and she easily makes it into my top three YouTubers.


Imagine you are in one of those glorious vintage shops where every surface is laden with treasure. 

Cut glass, pill boxes, old cameras, pendants, chests of drawers and stacks and stacks of books. This book is like that. Each chapter is one of those gem encrusted tins that you can open, peep inside and enjoy. You can either methodically wander the entire shop, looking at each individual item in order, or, you can dance around with wild abandon, opening and closing whatever you like, whenever you like. 

You can take in tiny bits of it at a time or you can devour it all in one go. I don't mind. I don't mind how you go about it; all that matters to me is that you take something from it. Divided into four sections: Glitz, Create, Need to Knows and All About Love , you'll find all my little tips and tricks, stories and insights and nuggets of advice. 

I want you to walk away from this book feeling uplifted. I want you to feel as though you are equipped to deal with something in your life and deal with it in the best possible, positive way. I want to show you how I find so much joy and enrichment in my life and how you can do it too, with just a Sprinkle of Glitter.

*There is no spoiler alert for this book* 

When I got this book delivered to my house on the release day, the first thing I noticed was how petite and compact it was. It is almost like a pocket life manual that you can pop in your bag and look to it for reference or cheering up wherever you go, and I think that's such a brilliant extra.

Here's my head against the book for size reference!
What can I say about this book that hasn't already been said? It took me less than two days to finish it and I loved every second of when it was in my hands. 

I have heard, on the more negative side of things, that this book has a very young target audience since it speaks about school, online safety, travelling for the first time and some other audience-specific topics, but I completely disagree. Like Louise says in the blurb, you can dip in and out of it reading only the things that appeal to you in the moment (I however read it from cover to cover) and there is no pressure to go through it chronologically.

Even my mum likes the look of it! And that is very high praise indeed. I was telling her about how Louise speaks about confidence and positive attitudes, and she said "ooh, I might have to have a little read of that". This is proof that it appeals to people of all ages, and though not everyone is going to like it (although Louise tries to accommodate everyone in it - boys as well) it still shows that she has a very universal and informal writing style that is perfectly suited to the book she has written.

Photo from my Instagram @bookfangirlingblogger

What I also found was that it is so cosy and refreshing, which are perhaps words that you don't hear very often but sure work for this book. It feels like you're sitting in front of a roaring fire in the winter whilst reading it, but it also feels like a book you can read beside the pool on your holiday in a roasting hot country. 

That is such a precious value to have in a book, as I sometimes think books can be seasonal depending on the content (if there is a Christmas day scene in a novel, for example) but Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter can be read anywhere at any time of the year.

I just also want to mention that this book is hilarious at times, especially the stories of her strange first dates! This book is a paperback version of Louise in every form, and even if you are not already familiar with her videos, you will instantly fall head over heals in friend-love with her. 

Overall, every single page in this book is a beautifully coloured treat that you will just get lost in and will never want to wander back out of. It is a kind-hearted gem written by a kind-hearted gem, and I give it 5/5 British cups of tea. 

P.S: If you want to know some insider knowledge about her book, Louise has made a video and you can watch it below: