Thursday, 15 December 2016

Last Minute Bookish-Themed Christmas Gifts!

Today I have lovingly hand-picked great bookish-themed gift ideas for a range of people in your life. As a book addict, I would be so happy with any of these! 

Most of these gifts have free shipping in the UK too, so that's less for you to pay and you don't have to go outside in the freezing British weather. 

The Body in the Library tote bag (Waterstones, £12.99)

Those of us who are book-obsessed also love a good tote bag. Trust me. If you know someone who loves books, I can guarantee they have a full cupboard or draw full of tote bags that they have collected from events and personal shopping sprees. Perfect for any university student too - become the eternal body in the library with this The Body in the Library bag. 

Gimble (Waterstones, £4.99)

There isn't much to say about this gadget except for HANDS FREE READING. No more hand cramp from keeping your book held up for hours on end! And its such a reasonable price, meaning its a great stocking filler!

Poldark adult colouring book (The Book Depository, £4.99)

So pretty much everyone you know is probably obsessed with Poldark (except for me, sorry world!) and adult colouring books are so popular. So, why not get this for the people in your life who have a giant crush on this guy - which I can guarantee is like 90% of your friendship group. 

Cozy Reading Sloth t-shirt (RedBubble, starting from £14.93)

So. Cute. I cannot think of a single person who would not want this gift.

"I read banned books" pin badge (, £7.50)

A perfect little gift for those on a budget and it will guarantee to make the book-lover in your life smile. Also, it would look really good pinned onto that tote bag or t-shirt I showed you. 

'Two books and two beers' gift set (, £18.99)

One for the adults now - a gift set of two books individual picked by the seller and two beers which you can choose yourself. You can also choose the genre of the books that they pick, so you have control but still let other people do most of the work. Perfect for those stubborn dads who say they "don't want anything" but are actually really picky on Christmas day.

Personalised children's book (, £14.99) 

This is the most exciting gift idea that I picked, and it is for the little ones in your life. You get to choose everything about the main character - gender, hair colour, eye colour, clothes, name etc... and you get to write a little message too. Then, the magical seller fairy will put it all together and send it to you! This would have been a dream present to open when I was younger. 

Pride and Prejudice literary rose (notonthehighstreet, £19.50)

Isn't this so cute? I would love to get one of these, and they could even be bought as thoughtful Valentine's gifts. This is the perfect gift for a partner who loves classic literature, and if they don't like Pride and Prejudice? Don't worry! There are lots of other book roses on the seller's page. 

Are you going to buy any of these for people in your life? Or maybe a cheeky present for yourself? 

Let me know in the comments! 

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